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Discover IVF in Poland: A Comprehensive guide

Poland is emerging as a popular option for fertility treatment abroad, situated in central Europe and bordering several countries including Germany and the Czech Republic. With a population of approximately 38 million, predominantly Roman Catholic, Poland offers a blend of state and private IVF clinics, with affordable living costs and high medical standards. Here’s an in-depth look at IVF in Poland:

Fertility Treatment in Poland

Egg Donation

In Poland, both sperm and egg donors remain anonymous, with recipients provided limited information such as blood type. Donors are meticulously matched based on various physical characteristics. Donors must register with a Central Register controlled by the Ministry of Health, limiting births per donor.

Donor Screening

Donors undergo thorough psychological and physical screenings, including tests for diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and others, ensuring safety and quality.

IVF Cost

IVF treatment using own eggs in Poland is notably affordable, with packages starting as low as 3300 Euros. Comprehensive packages often cover additional costs like sperm and embryo freezing, coupled with lower living expenses and accessible travel options.

IVF Laws

Assisted reproduction is restricted to heterosexual couples living together, with no age limit imposed but decisions based on health assessments. Non-medical sex selection and surrogacy are prohibited, while egg freezing is permitted. The maximum embryos allowed for transfer is three.

Safety and Quality

Fertility clinics in Poland undergo regular inspections and require licensing to operate, maintaining adherence to established standards. While success rates are not publicly available, clinics submit data to the Ministry of Health, ensuring transparency and accountability. Poland presents a compelling option for individuals and couples seeking IVF treatment abroad, offering affordability, stringent regulations, and a commitment to safety and quality standards. With its growing reputation and accessible healthcare infrastructure, Poland continues to attract patients seeking fertility solutions from around the world.

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