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Location: Germany Wiesbaden

Comprehensive fertility clinic with mixed reviews

TFP Wiesbaden is a fertility clinic with a mix of positive and negative reviews. Positive aspects include competent and friendly doctors, helpful staff, and successful treatments. Negative aspects include long waiting times, poor accessibility, and lack of empathy in some interactions.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Dear child desire team,
After suffering many blows of fate in the 1.5 years of wanting to have children, we would now like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Thank you very much. We only have you to thank for not giving up and hopefully we will soon be able to hold our miracle in our arms. Her special way of listening to our worries and fears, recognizing them and considering further options made her our confidant. She is extremely empathetic across the board and has the medical expertise that we were looking for. We can Dr. I would highly recommend Rau as a sensitive, friendly, professionally competent doctor. If there were more doctors like you, the fertility journey would be more bearable for many couples. Kind regards Lisa and Swen

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 5 on Sunday, 31 March 2024

Special Thanks to Dr. Porta
As a Patient of Endometriosis, I feel so anxious going to the gynaecologist because of the repetitive cyst’s history. We tried to get kids for almost a year and more, but it was unsuccessful because of my Endometriosis and my husband’s infertility. So, we had to visit the kinderwunschzentrum for the fertility treatment. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Saskia Porta, we were able to get Pregnant. She gave keen attention to the details and always been patient in clearing our every doubts. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Porta for her knowledge, level-headed manner, and her professional and easy-to-understand explanations.

I felt very comfortable with her from the initial consultation to the successful discharge with a baby in my belly. Luckily, the first cycle was successful, which I didn’t expect at all. Of course everything is very individual, and the patients’ other factors also to be considered. A treatment tailored to my personal life situation, age, and previous history, adequately explained and what is also important: the cost estimate was adhered to exact. Additional services were only recommended if they made necessary.

I am incredibly happy that I will finally be able to hold my baby in my arms this year and would like to express my special thanks to Dr. Porta and Dr. Cerniavskaja. And furthermore, I would also like to thank the entire TFP team, who were always in a good mood, super friendly and, above all, helpful, no matter what questions or concerns I had.

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 5 on Thursday, 14 March 2024

We were very satisfied with the clinic and the entire staff. We felt very comfortable. Thank you for that

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 5 on Friday, 01 March 2024
Successful IVF at TFP Wiesbaden: A Personal Journey

We switched from our previous clinic to TFP Wiesbaden after four unsuccessful IUIs and one IVF. My wife had heard from her friends who were also treated there by Prof. Dr. Heard Seufert and luckily we had our first conversation with him. He has a very pleasant, calm and professional but also very friendly manner. He took his time and explained to us in detail about our circumstances and options. The laboratory employees were always very friendly and overall we felt more actively looked after than before.

Unfortunately it didn’t work with the 2nd transfer, but the 3rd transfer was finally successful. We were so happy. Prof. Dr. Seufert accompanied us until the end at the US. And we are now in the 16th week of pregnancy.

We felt very well looked after and cared for at the TFP in Wiesbaden.
Of course there are always longer waiting times, but that’s the case everywhere.
The entire team left us with a very good impression. Always friendly and empathetic.

We were very satisfied and for us it was really the best decision to switch to TFP. Thank you again.

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 5 on Thursday, 29 February 2024
“Empathetic staff and doctor provided mental support, highly recommend!”

Although it worked without any involvement from the clinic, all the staff and the doctor were very, very nice and empathetic. And it was good as a kind of mental support. I can highly recommend it.

5 most negative reviews for TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 1 on Monday, 27 March 2023
I Cannot Recommend This Clinic Enough!

positive reviews are required by the clinic here! It’s not possible!

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 1 on Friday, 31 March 2023
Hospital fails to deliver promised treatment, leaving family out of pocket and without results.

Unfortunately, the hospital is a failure in every sense of the word. My wife lasted about 4 years of treatment, and after the treatment, they said that we have the last attempt, which is the baby transplant. They told us that the cost of the operation is 5 thousand, and after the operation, I paid 10 thousand bills. With drugs, the operation did not succeed after two attempts of implantation, and then they say now that we have to look for the reason. Their idea is smart, and I now want the practical results papers. They say that their computer is broken now. Look at the deception. They let us down. Unfortunately, this thing should not happen in Germany.

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 1 on Monday, 01 May 2023
I nearly faced blackmail for unnecessary surgery – a failed attempt.

A friend of hers was almost blackmailed by one of the secretaries into having a life-threatening operation that could have resulted in death in her situation. The blackmail was only for money, because they want to earn additional money through the operation and it was not a necessary intervention, on the contrary. Didn’t work at all.

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Patient Review: Lack of Empathy from Doctor, Excellent Care from Medical Assistants

Everyone who visits a fertility center carries a fate with them, so you wish that you felt in good hands and understood during an initial consultation, that was unfortunately not the case today, the doctor was neither empathetic nor sensitive, sorry it’s “that daily bread “for the doctor but we affected sit there for the first time. For us, the TFP is out of the question with such a doctor! She herself offered us a change of doctor internally, but everyone then knows under which stamp one sits there as a patient.

The MFA are the gold treasures there, when making the appointment, as well as the appointment reminder, even when I canceled today for the follow-up appointments, I always had a friendly and understanding employee on the phone. Really great. The MFA owns 5 stars.

TFP Kinderwunsch Wiesbaden
Rating 1 on Monday, 03 July 2023
Clinic staff make mistakes and lack empathy, use caution

Be very careful with this clinic, you often get other people’s results. The staff is very arrogant, they smile at first and then when you ask something they say they are very busy but you can hear them laughing out loud from below… I don’t recommend it. They behave towards the patients like some robots. And they make a lot of mistakes, even in the case of fertilization. One wakes up to the fact that something has actually been inserted into the body than was intended



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