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TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 5 on Sunday, 02 June 2024

We started treating Ms. Hunenbart at the beginning of the Corona period.

Despite all the testing and additional stress, we managed well through this time organizationally. The conversion in Wiesbaden cost us some time, but in retrospect the forced break was worth it as we were able to recharge our batteries for the next attempt.

Now we will be parents in June and are very happy 😊😊🙂

Ms. Hunenbart looked after us well at all times and went through some highs but also many lows with us. She didn’t sugarcoat anything but she didn’t take away hope either. Thank you for this good empathy 👍

We were very satisfied with the medical assistants in Frankfurt, reliable, eager to find solutions and quick to respond. In the end it was a family affair in the practice in FFM.

Of course, it wasn’t so personal in Wiesbaden for the operations – except for the anesthesiologist, who we had during all the experiments and who we remember positively with his relaxed, calming manner. However, everything was well organized here and we felt like we were in good hands.

So we have a clear recommendation for this fertility center👍

TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 16 April 2024

We were at TFP in 2022, our last attempt after we were treated like mass-produced goods at another clinic and were unsuccessful. Dr. Schorsch was very sensitive and created an individual treatment plan. Our miracle is now 1. Thanks to the great team.

TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 02 January 2024
Dr. Hunenbart at TFP Clinic Provided Excellent Care for Our Fertility Needs

We needed the help of the TFP Clinic and were then placed in the very good hands of Dr. Hunenbart given. She took excellent care of us. She was always careful, very reliable and extremely patient-oriented. We were extremely satisfied with the TFP clinic overall. We would warmly recommend this perfectly organized clinic to you at any time. For us it even worked on the first try. Many thanks to the entire team at the TFP Clinic in Frankfurt and also Wiesbaden!

Happy New Year

TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 26 December 2023
“Dr. Herr Hahn at TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt is my angel in fertility journey”

Edit update : I am blessed with a baby boy in July! I so much wish to visit Dr. Herr Hahn and personally give him the good news. Again I cannot thank you all enough for everything. It became possible just because of Dr. Herr Hahn and his team. God Bless you all and Wish you a divine and blessed Christmas and New Year 2024!

Extremely positive experience I had. Dr. med. Herr Hahn is the angel who has guided me at every step and made impossible things possible. I had a couple of miscarriage histories and the added issue is my age. Dr. has been very patient to hear my issues, comforting our anxiety. With his expert treatment, and trying his best to keep things natural (not IVF), I am now pregnant! The receptionists and phlebotomists are awesome and they were kind enough to allow me to speak in English as I am new to Germany. In short, I would recommend TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt to anyone going through fertility issues. You just have to trust the process and the doctors and it will be all positive. Wish you all good luck as well best wishes to TFP Kinderwunsch!

TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 5 on Sunday, 03 December 2023
Prof. Dr. Hahn successfully treats hormonal disorder, helping us conceive naturally.

Absolute recommendation! Prof. Dr. Hahn took on our problem, listened to us and helped us treat a hormonal disorder in just a few sessions so that we could then conceive our child naturally.
PS: A very good sign was the fact that at our first audition, happy parents with a baby came by to say thank you.

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TFP Kinderwunsch Frankfurt
Rating 1 on Sunday, 24 September 2023
Unfriendly receptionist ruins experience with bad attitude

We were hoping to get good advice here. Instead, we were treated so badly at reception by an unfriendly, tattooed lady that we just wanted to leave the building quickly. She seemed stressed, but there wasn’t a soul there, apart from her colleague – which I can now completely understand. Maybe we disturbed them at the coffee party with their colleague because they were loudly gossiping about other people. We had to ring the bell several times at longer intervals before she noticed us. We didn’t want to disturb or be intrusive, hence the ringing intervals of about 5 minutes. After 15 minutes she came, but she wasn’t in a good mood. And then we felt that. Thank you and never again. Bye.



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