TFP Ciconia Fertility

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Location: Denmark

Latest 3 positive reviews for TFP Ciconia Fertility

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 5 on Monday, 16 October 2023
“Best Choice Clinic: Incredibly Great with Highly Competent Staff”

Incredibly great clinic! Very wonderful as a person, highly competent medically. Absolutely best choice

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 08 August 2023
My Experience at Ciconia: Exceptional Care and Warm Hospitality

The staff at Ciconia provided excellent care with a warm and welcoming approach. From the first call with the team to our procedure we were made to feel comfortable and provided for.

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 5 on Friday, 18 February 2022
Ciconia Århus staff are kind, pleasant, and informative – a wonderful experience.

Wonderfully kind and pleasant staff as always. informs you well. We were well received by Ciconia Århus. Thank you very much

3 most negative reviews for TFP Ciconia Fertility

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 03 August 2022
“Personal Experience: Disappointing Early Fertilization Rates and Egg Collection”

very low early fertilization for me also compared to the number of eggs collected. I don’t recommend

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 1 on Friday, 08 July 2022
0/5 embarrassing! Ski company only cares about money, not customer experience!

0/5 embarrassing! Do not control the ski…
They thought of one thing – Money, Money, Money and not the person in the chair.

TFP Ciconia Fertility
Rating 3 on Saturday, 30 April 2022
“Revisiting old reviews: Updated to a neutral rating after potential changes”

With time, things can get better, (or worse) but either way things change.

I wrote a bad review for this company a few years ago, and for some reason I wanted to read it again, only to find that it had been removed, and only 5 star reviews were present. I guess bad reviews have a time limit.

In regard to that, I feel that a 1 star review may be inaccurate based on my experience in the past. Possibly it is under new management, maybe they have corrected their behavior. I do not know, and so I feel my 1 star review above has a high chance of being inaccurate in the current time. I have therefore updated my review to a neutral rating. This does not mean the past did not happen, it only means that I am currently unaware of the situation as it stands now.

Old review follows:
If you want to be treated roughly, both psychologically and physically .. this is the place for you. We went here three times, with each time being worse than the last until I refused to go again. On the last visit, my wife experienced heavy enough bleeding that they had to take her back and lay her down with oxygen.. she bled through everything they put on her, and their demeanor suggested somehow she had done something wrong.
I strongly suggest that you find another clinic, any other clinic, for your own wellbeing.



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Saralyst Alle 50, 8270 Højbjerg, Denmark

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