Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago

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Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 06 September 2023

Mr. Münur and his team, who were with us with their knowledge and vast experience and always with a smiling face during this pregnancy process where we would have our child, made it possible for us to go through this difficult process comfortably. Thank you so much for everything 🙏

Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago
Rating 5 on Thursday, 13 July 2023

I am grateful to Dr.Münür Şago for restoring me to my former health. For 4 years, I went from doctor to doctor trying to find a cure for my illness, and just when I had lost hope, I found the right doctor.

Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago
Rating 5 on Monday, 03 July 2023

I would also like to share my story here! First of all big respect to Munur and all his team for such professional approach and their greatest support throughout all my journey and my biggest dream to become a mother that finally come true! I’m so grateful for my gorgeous twins!
I’ve been trying to get pregnant for several years but apparently could not because of my tubes problem! I didn’t know that was the problem at that time and all the doctors in Italy ( I live in Italy) could not identify the problem and was assuring me that everything was fine! I did IVF twice in Italy and obviously both of them was not successful. When I came to Munur and he looked at the scans that I brought with me, the picture was totally not clear for him and we did all the tests and analysis again! After that he immediately understood what the problem was and we were ready to proceed with another IVF! To make the story short, I got pregnant from the first try and when I made my blood test before even my first ultrasound he told me I would have twins! Bingo!!! :))) when I was 13 weeks pregnant he identified the gender (a boy and a girl) and again bingo!!! I still wonder how he did it because in Italy they can only tell you when you are 22-25 weeks pregnant and that was magical!
The way he speaks, the way he treats you is just amazing! He gives hope and he does his job in unbelievably wonderful way! So happy that I met this doctor who made my dream come true! Now whenever I’m in Cyprus I go only to him for my routine visits because the trust that I have for him I don’t have for anyone else in the whole world!
Many thanks, my dear Munur Sago because without you I wouldn’t have these two beautiful kids that I have now!
God bless you!
P.S if somebody, like me, who has a dream to become a parent, don’t waste your time and go to Munur Sago! Highly recommend!

Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago
Rating 5 on Thursday, 22 June 2023

Very experienced and professional doctor! Fast and effective reception.

Sago IVF Team – Dr. Münür Şago
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 21 June 2023

Our doctor Münür Şago, with his vast knowledge and experience, and his peaceful and reassuring behavior, turned every difficulty we encountered in the most important adventure of our lives into ease. He answered all our questions with patience and wisdom whenever we needed him. Thanks to him and his team, we experienced the process of reuniting our daughter with peace, beauty and happiness. With Mr. Münür and his team, our dreams were closer than we expected. It is the correct and reliable address preferred by those from all over the world who do not leave their health to chance.
Thank goodness we have you, our doctor and Sago Team angels 🙏🏻🙂



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