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Pronatal clinic in Prague has received mostly positive reviews from customers, praising the beautiful environment, professional staff, and empathetic approach. However, some negative feedback has highlighted issues with communication and doctor turnover.

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PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Excellent cooperation, friendly and cordial staff. Thanks to the clinic and the team, we got our little angel

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Pronatal Praha, we want to greet you magnificently. We thank you for our long journey of 6 years, which we have traveled despite the restrictions during the pandemic, but we did not give up. Hereby, we want to greet you all the staff, from the reception to the nurses, doctors, doctors, who participated with us in achieving the happiness that have you lived in dreams, were you dreams as a consultation or in general you have been with us at every moment, it has been a slow year since we were last at your place when you informed us of the great news that we are going to be parents, we are attaching a photo of our little boy who brings us joy and love at home for which we owe to you pronatal Praha 4, we also greet you and Tobiasko and when we have a way we will stop to show you around, thank you, we appreciate the work and the approach you give to people, don’t change, you are a great team, we like you with regards Rodina Pekárová You have a big one with us Thank you you made our dream come true ❤️🙏🥰

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 5 on Sunday, 14 April 2024

After a few years of trying, it just happened here for the first time! In addition, the place is beautiful and everyone was very welcoming and kind. I can only recommend. Thank you for our son!!!

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 5 on Friday, 05 April 2024

Hello, can someone give me the coordinator’s number or e-mail

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 5 on Saturday, 25 November 2023
I am very satisfied with the clinic and our coordinator Marina’s dedication.

We are very satisfied with the clinic and the cooperation, especially with our coordinator Marina, who does her job with dedication.

5 most negative reviews for PRONATAL Sanatorium

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 15 March 2023
My Disappointing Experience at Pronatal Prague – Never Again

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this clinic, it spoils the name of the Pronatal company, if you want to feel like a pig for slaughter, come here (not to mention the tremendous pain). Never again, only three of the nurses were pleasant, the rest were unsympathetic, unpleasant to the point of disgust, and I’m not even talking about the main lady doctor.
I definitely recommend Pronatal Cologne flawless in every way.
Prague never again, big mistake.

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 1 on Thursday, 27 April 2023
Do not recommend due to unprofessional behavior and lack of communication.

Very unprofessional behavior, zero communication after 2 hours of waiting. I definitely do not recommend!

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 17 May 2023
Avoid unprofessional IVF clinic, go straight to Gennet for success and privacy.

Business with human misfortune always carries. So if you want to have a baby, avoid this place. Totally unprofessional. They don’t genetically test the eggs and transfer all of them, even the bad ones, because they get paid for it. In addition, you have no privacy, they do transfers en masse, I was there with Hungarians and Croatians, so Czechs may not even go there anymore. Of course, it failed several times. Later we got a referral to Gennet. The sky and the bagpipes. All professional. They only give genetically good eggs and, of course, everything went right the first time. In addition, you have privacy there during such an intimate process as IVF. It’s not like you’re in a poultry house. So if you want a baby, go straight to Gennet. You will save yourself nerves and money.

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 3 on Thursday, 10 August 2023
Review: Mixed experiences at Pronatal, with some positive interactions but also some insensitive moments during procedures.

I’ve been coming here for a long time. I usually get here on foot from the Hasova stop, it’s about a 5-10 minute walk through nature. My partner drives me to collect eggs. There are always helpful and nice ladies at the reception and if you don’t ask, they call you back. They handle stressful situations with a smile and always know how to help themselves. Ms. Vizvári is a Goddess and the blonde Slovak is a lot of fun. They accommodated me, for example, with the time of the ultrasound, because I couldn’t in the afternoon due to duty at work. Once they took me earlier for a transfer, because I had been there since the morning and there were more such situations. In the early days of our efforts, there were occasional errors, for example, the doctor told us that the egg retrieval was not performed under general anesthesia, because he only traveled there one day a week, and that’s how it’s supposed to be done with them. What’s a doctor’s opinion, so they sometimes contradicted each other, once it happened that a change in medication was overlooked. I think that you can’t avoid it anywhere and that in this type of operation, when doctors are on duty and when you can never calculate exactly when what will happen, it is not even possible to arrange for you to have one doctor. I really like Dr. Zelenková, Dr. Garabášová and Dr. Schmitz. On the contrary, I didn’t need Dr. Vobořil, I was in pain after his interventions, and years ago he let a dead embryo rot in me over Christmas, and then after 3 weeks of decomposition, it came out very badly. I think the doctor probably doesn’t work here anymore. My only ugly experience from the hall, or rather from the room next to the hall, is connected with this silent abortion. I had a curettage and was bleeding so much that there was a puddle in the bed and when I went to the toilet, blood ran down my legs. I wiped her with a blanket and hoped that the other girls who were there for the transfer didn’t notice. At one point, Dr. Marděšičová approached my bed and said out loud “it didn’t go well at all”. I’ll never forget that and I think it was insensitive to me and the other girls who were full of hope and certainly didn’t want to see this. The doctor is nice, but when it comes to abortion I would say that she is kind of tactless. I had her for an ultrasound twice when it turned out that it was all over. She announced it in the style of “buy bread” and at the moment, when you are still in shock and tears come to your eyes, you have to decide if you want to scrape “it” right away or after it does not come naturally. Maybe it’s like that everywhere, but I don’t like the cold-bloodedness. No one expects hand wringing and hugging from the other side, but I think the painful news for the hopeful couple can be communicated more sensitively. The nurses are all pleasant, kind and responsive. It works flawlessly, quickly and flawlessly in the hall. In addition to cultivating embryos, the laboratory calls patients and informs them about everything related to the effort. The environment of Pronatal is nice, surrounded by nature, clean and pleasant inside. I would say that they have improved a lot in informing patients and being consistent with changes in the patient chart. Yes, there are also foreign women and there are, I guess, 5 beds in the room. I don’t mind and I don’t find anything unprofessional about it. I don’t agree with the lady who wrote about not doing genetic testing. A genetically high-quality egg does not guarantee success, biological quality and how the egg develops is also important. I don’t like that no one addresses the repeated failure here, and if you don’t ask yourself, no one offers you another option or test. The genetic test is part of a more expensive package here, I didn’t like that either. Somewhere you read that testing before transfer weakens the embryo, somewhere else they recommend it. I had my embryos tested after silent abortions and they were ok, so I didn’t let them dig into the others. I have 3 IUI, 4 IVF, 1 KET. I will try my luck with KET elsewhere.

PRONATAL Sanatorium
Rating 1 on Saturday, 14 October 2023
I prioritize my health and well-being.

Take care of yourself. You only have one health.



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