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Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 5 on Thursday, 30 May 2024

After 5 egg retrievals and with the same number of deposits during about 10 months of treatment, we became pregnant. 25/5 24 our long-awaited daughter arrived. Amazing nurses and doctors who helped us realize our dream of having a child of our own through ICSI. Fast processing plan from day 1 with no waiting time.

Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 05 March 2024

I just did egg retrieval at Nordic IVF in Gothenburg. The whole process has been very smooth and I have been treated incredibly well during all visits. From the first meeting at the Gothenburg Women’s Clinic to the needle technique, planning, ultrasound, to the egg retrieval itself. They are not only professionals at what they do, but create a nice environment. I was also given a lot of information about the whole process which is easy to understand, which I felt helped me deal with all the steps. During the procedure, I felt well taken care of by the staff, and it was a positive experience. They have thought of everything they can do to create a good environment, you get to rest in your own room before, nice clothes, little things like getting a heating pad on your stomach during and after the procedure, which was fantastically nice. You get breakfast afterwards, time to rest and relax. I am very satisfied and can really recommend this clinic.

Fantastic team!
Thank you Anna-Lena, Eva, Jennifer and Johanna, you are awesome!

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Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 09 January 2024

Such rude staff, all the doctors and staff are in such a hurry that you think they have to see patients….

Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 02 January 2024

I do not recommend this clinic. There are many reasons, such as the fact that it is not possible to email, that they are difficult to reach on the phone, that you do not get a more personal contact with ONE doctor but meet a different one each time, that you feel awkward because you ask questions, that I didn’t get any clear answers about, for example, why they didn’t check and flush my fallopian tubes or what my chances looked like. The main and grossest reason, however, is that their routines follow a protocol that is adapted to their staffing & opening hours rather than the patient’s status. I naively thought that for SEK 50,000, which in my case a failed ivf attempt cost, would include an individually adapted treatment where those who in my case should have prescribed extended stimulation time before extraction, because the eggs were not mature enough to be fertilized. The doctors had different explanations, the one who performed the extraction is the one I choose to believe (the one who said the eggs were not mature enough, which she had already seen before the extraction). The other said that the cell walls did not want to let the sperm through, with which she “offered” a new attempt for SEK 20,000, where they would “force inseminate” (also called microinsemination or ICSI) instead. It has taken me over a year to write this, but I believe it is very serious and important that others get a picture of this case before making this important decision. In retrospect, I wish I had done more thorough research and chosen, for example, Copenhagen Fertility Center instead. It would have saved me almost SEK 40,000 if the outcome there had been the same. They charge DKK 10,000 in the event of an aborted IVF attempt after egg retrieval. It cost me SEK 50,000 to feel like a worthless cash cow. In any other service industry you would have reported and advertised, but here they make you sign papers so they can do what they want with their backs free. A topic for Assignment review / Cold facts!

Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 27 December 2023

I don’t even want to write. Spent time.

Nordic IVF Göteborg AB
Rating 3 on Wednesday, 22 May 2024

I didn’t feel as taken care of as I did other times. This is our last attempt and it didn’t feel good at all. Still giving 3 stars because I know you guys are usually better.



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