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Next Fertility Ulm
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 02 January 2024

2 1/2 years ago we approached our desire to have children with this KiWu clinic.
I felt comfortable from the start! Everyone there was always really nice and helpful 🙂
I was with Dr. undergoing treatment and after an initial consultation we found the right method for us.
And how should I say: after the 9th attempt it worked and I’m standing here now with my 8 month old daughter 🥰

Next Fertility Ulm
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 20 December 2023

So far everything has gone smoothly, the contact to make an appointment was also great and you can even make appointments online. It’s also great that you get quick appointments and don’t have to wait months. The staff were always friendly to us. There are a few parking spaces in front of the building and in the worst case scenario you can park opposite the center at Edeka. Dr. Tarek Salim is a very humane doctor, which unfortunately is not always the case in Germany. Dr. Tarek Salim can also speak Arabic, so Arabic speaking patients will not have any problems communicating. We’ve only been there for a few weeks and hope that we’ll soon fulfill our desire to have children 🙂

Next Fertility Ulm
Rating 5 on Saturday, 13 April 2024

Dr. Tarek Salem is a nice, competent doctor, you feel very comfortable in the practice. I can warmly recommend it.

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Next Fertility Ulm
Rating 2 on Tuesday, 19 December 2023

I was treated at Sterzik for two years. However, I found the old practice more comfortable. Unfortunately I had 3 treatments without success. The Dr. He’s nice in general, but he gets a little annoyed when asked too many questions. Meeting, team, process professional, but not much change to the medication or process during the treatments. I then moved to the clinic in Tübingen and became pregnant on the first try.

Next Fertility Ulm
Rating 2 on Wednesday, 05 June 2024

The rooms actually make you feel really comfortable there, but I’m so disappointed with the staff. I’m overjoyed because it worked out for us, but when you’ve been through what’s already grating on your psyche, it’s more like mass processing than being treated with sense and dignity… you’re just a number who’s being processed , at least that’s how it comes across to me. I wasn’t in good hands with anyone there… it’s a shame…



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