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Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 06 December 2023
The clinic helped us achieve our precious wish with incredible care and support!

Most competent, skilled and wonderful clinic for the most precious wish a couple could have! Best and most empathetic treatment, care taking, and support! We can not thank the whole team enough and can not wait to hold our little wonder in our arms in a few months!

Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 5 on Saturday, 20 February 2021
Unparalleled Expertise and Individualized Care at Prof. Dr. Spitzer’s Fertility Clinic – A Review

A really exceptionally good clinic that works calmly and professionally and very individually tailored to the patients. Prof. Dr. Spitzer is an expert who is second to none. The medical assistants are easy to reach, totally helpful and always approachable. I felt very professional and well looked after and would recommend this clinic to any of my friends seeking help. Especially for German couples who want children like us, because the extended blastocyst culture and various other parameters (e.g. IMSI) mean that much more is medically possible here. I perceived the treatment as much more individual than the previous ones in Berlin. All thumbs up!

…especially since here with a single embryo (one of 4 blastocysts) in the 1st attempt, the most beautiful child ever came out after three years of trying to have children. For these little miracles, I will especially thank Dr. Spitzer, be thankful for a lifetime.

In the same year, I had 7 embryos implanted in 3 attempts in a renowned Berlin clinic (including 2 blastocysts in the 1st attempt). Always without success.

I therefore particularly recommend the extended blastocyst culture, which is not possible in Germany with all fertilized egg cells – in Austria (and other countries), on the other hand, it is standard.

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Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Disappointing experience with lack of information and pressure for expensive appointment during pandemic.

I wanted some information about the treatment. In times of Corona, it is better to clarify beforehand before going to a personal appointment.
By mail that was not at all want. After the initial phone call, more questions arose. This was not answered further. It was pressed for an appointment at which examinations are to be carried out immediately, which will cost €300 – at this appointment the questions will then be answered. Oh well.

Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 30 March 2021
Bad Service: My Experience with Poor Customer Service

Bad service

Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 1 on Sunday, 02 July 2023
Found competent and timely help at Institut Bernabeu, not at the recommended clinic

Had contacted and asked for competent and timely help. I cannot recommend the clinic at all. Were able to realize our wish at the Institut Bernabeu

Next Fertility Salzburg
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 01 November 2023
I cannot recommend this clinic for help needed

We contacted them and asked for competent and timely help. I absolutely cannot recommend the clinic.



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