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Location: Poland Warsaw

Professional fertility clinic in Warsaw with mixed reviews

The Bocian Clinic in Warsaw offers a range of services for fertility treatments, with customers highlighting both positive and negative aspects of their experiences. While some appreciate the professional service and competent doctors, others raise concerns about lack of communication and issues with treatment outcomes.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for Klinika Bocian Warszawa

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 5 on Thursday, 06 June 2024

Everything’s great. I recommend

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 05 June 2024

I am extremely satisfied with the services of the Bocian Clinic. The entire procedure went smoothly and the results were successful 🙂 The clinic staff is not only professional, but also very empathetic and helpful at every stage of treatment. From the very beginning I felt taken care of and confident that I was in good hands. The Bocian Clinic is a place that I can fully recommend to anyone who is looking for support and professionalism in the field of infertility treatment.

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 05 June 2024

Cool videos

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 5 on Friday, 24 May 2024

Professional approach

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 22 May 2024

I highly recommend.

5 most negative reviews for Klinika Bocian Warszawa

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 1 on Friday, 10 February 2023
Lack of Parking, Communication, and Patient Care at IVF Clinic

First of all, there is no parking lot, as my wife and I pay nearly 20,000 for an in-vitro test, I expect this basis. Secondly, absolutely no interest in the patient. Nobody is interested in providing information (doctor – patient, patient – reception). My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis but in another clinic.
If we had received such information earlier in the stork, draw your own conclusions… The procedure of preparing/collecting the material to create the embryos is still kind of, but what happened later calls for vengeance to heaven. I don’t greet.

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 1 on Friday, 24 March 2023
Homegrown nurse at Stawki clinic cuts partner during swab collection, clinic dismisses complaint

During the swab collection by the receptionist of the clinic at Stawki, a homegrown nurse, the partner screamed in pain, finally cutting the tissues to the blood. After going to the doctor with bloody legs, he said that he did not have time because he was “in a hurry to go to another clinic”. I recommend the Stawki ward for women who want to be a testing ground for young nurses who are brave and like challenges. In a word, kogel Mogel in the hard version. What’s better, the “clinic” replied (anonymously) to the e-mail complaint that “the patient should not come to the doctor unannounced” 😉

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 1 on Monday, 08 May 2023
Beware of Doctor Niemoczynski: Deceptive and Untrustworthy

Please stay away from doctor niemoczynski, more like a wizard, he would be a good liar and a cheater will lie at the behest of a pszekrenca, just to delete it for examination or surgery

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 1 on Monday, 08 May 2023
“Do not recommend due to wrong drug doses and lack of professionalism”

I do not recommend in any case, complete lack of professionalism, the doses of the drug were wrong, we didn’t even hear the doctor, sorry

Klinika Bocian Warszawa
Rating 1 on Friday, 12 May 2023
Money-driven approach results in incomplete examination of health issues

There is a pressure for money, not for a thorough examination of the problems. They made the transmission despite knowing that there are fibroids, which, as it turns out, have a large impact on the failure. The money went, and the only comment that was made when asked about the reason was: “sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t work”.



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