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Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 5 on Friday, 10 May 2024

We found the Kiwi Center in Havencity on the Internet. Our experience is great. We were treated by Mr. Göhmann. He treated us with kindness, dignity and compassion from the first consultation through the pregnancy.
At that time I was going through the hardest phase of my life, which made me unbearable and impatient 😀. Doctor Göhmann and his team showed a lot of patience and understanding and always dealt with me professionally and carefully. I am very thankful for that.

Mr. Göhmann and the entire team are professional and competent, all of our questions were answered and everything was explained from A to Z. The treatment was carefully and individually selected for us. The clinic is very clean and well equipped.

It worked for me the first time, even though I’m 39. I am now 27 weeks pregnant.
My husband and I will forever be indebted to Mr. Göhmann for making this possible for us.

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 30 April 2024

The KiWu center in Hafencity was recommended to me by my gynecologist. We were greeted by Dr. Göhmann and all the staff were very friendly and warmly welcomed. The positive charisma of the entire team gave us a lot of hope and strength. No question remained unanswered.
I had little hope that it would work on the first try… and now I’m 9 weeks pregnant and actually on the first try. We couldn’t be happier and are grateful that we chose this clinic. Thank you for everything!

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 5 on Monday, 25 September 2023
Dr. Krämer made our dream come true with successful treatment

Thanks to the successful treatment by Dr. Krämer made our dream come true. I can recommend Dr. Highly recommend Krämer as a competent doctor. He gave us professional advice, was always available to answer questions, motivated us and supported us with a lot of encouragement.
Thanks 1000 for everything!

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 5 on Friday, 14 July 2023
“Positive and Competent Treatment Led Us to Our Daughter – Thank You!”

dr Despite poor prospects and a few setbacks, Krämer ultimately led us to our daughter with his positive but realistic manner, competent treatment and always new approaches. also dr Hillebrand, who treated me further, gave me a lot of support, especially psychologically. The whole team was always attentive, full of sympathy and trying their best to be able to feel comfortable there.

Thank you so much!

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 5 on Thursday, 06 July 2023
Dr. Göhmann’s Treatment Helped Us Achieve Pregnancy After Second ICSI- Highly Recommendable Clinic! 🌟👶

thanks dr Göhmann’s treatment, we became pregnant after the second ICSI. Today we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. 🥹

The clinic was well organized and simply great. Absolutely recommendable!

5 most negative reviews for Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 21 February 2023
Unsatisfactory experience at Hafencity fertility center prompts search for alternative center in Hamburg

My wife and I found the practice far too bare, everything was set up without feeling. It is a fertility center and not a dental practice and we would have liked more pictures or drawings or a children’s playground where children are stored. The staff are very rude and didn’t feel like working. In addition, the doctor Mrs. Petresin didn’t really try to explain everything to us about artificial insemination or alternatives. She explained everything to us very quickly in 15 minutes and as if we knew the subject. In addition, the costs are far too overpriced and the great thing was that the practice charged 50 cents per page for our findings and we didn’t give it when we visited the practice, we had to ask for it by email so that we could do it afterwards can pick up at the next visit. Since the practice does not have its own parking spaces, we had to pay the parking fees again (i.e. 2 times 3 €). It was just 3 pages and there was all the effort for 1.50 €. The practice is capital-driven, which is why we decided to go to another fertility center in Hamburg. This practice took 1 hour for us and explained everything in such a way that we understood everything after the conversation and have a good feeling, and the costs are €1500 cheaper than in Hafencity. Our recommendation is clearly against the practice in Hafencity.

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 1 on Thursday, 03 August 2023
Mixed experience at clinic: Quick appointment but delayed investigations and incorrect diagnosis!

Unfortunately we cannot recommend this clinic. The only positive thing was the quick appointment for the first consultation. All further investigations took a very long time.

After all the results of the examinations were available, we were sent home because everything was fine.

Another clinic found out that everything was not fine two years later with the results of this clinic and in a very short time helped us to our second miracle.

A correct diagnosis would have saved us a lot.

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 1 on Saturday, 23 September 2023
Reception staff falsely claim doctor consultations in profit-focused clinic.

Danger! The reception staff claim to have consulted with the doctor about treatments and medication, but this consultation never took place. The doctor herself is blown away. Actually a process to be reported to the chamber, as this is a blatant violation of boundaries.

Of course, practices must and should earn money, but the couple is never the focus here. All processes have only one goal: time and profit maximization.
The lack of friendliness of the majority of the employees then hardly matters.

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 2 on Friday, 03 November 2023
Mixed experiences at Hafencity fertility clinic: Initial positivity fades due to lack of changes in treatment protocol

Our experiences with the Hafencity fertility clinic were initially very positive. Both doctors and other staff seemed very friendly and competent.
You felt like you were in good hands. After several failed attempts, unfortunately nothing was changed in the procedure and we were advised to just carry on; At some point it will work. After moving to another clinic, we were able to do a lot of tests, which we were even advised against at the Hafencity fertility clinic because it was still too early (after the third failed attempt). In addition, the medication in the new clinic was immediately changed. This was also simply ignored in the Hafencity. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this clinic.

Kinderwunschzentrum Hafencity
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 12 December 2023
Fertility Clinic Appointment Leaves Me Disappointed and Helpless

I had to gather myself four months after our last appointment at the fertility clinic because it didn’t go well at all.
I’m trying to keep it as objective as possible, but if I could, the clinic wouldn’t even have gotten one star from us. The reception was very nice and helpful, so I’m happy to give this one star.

In my opinion, going to a clinic after 5 years of unfulfilled desire to have children should ideally take away fears and worries and perhaps even give you courage.
Unfortunately, our first appointment (for which we had to wait a very long time) left me with a bad gut feeling and even more question marks than before the appointment.
We were immediately recommended an operation to rule out endometriosis and only then did he want to see us again. Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t respond once to our questions about how the operation would work (after all, he referred us there) and kept saying in a very borderline way that he wasn’t responsible for providing information about it.
So, after our initial consultation, we tried to make an appointment for the operation. But I didn’t get this until six months later and it quickly became clear to us during the phone call that we weren’t going to get any information in advance. So we now had a not really satisfactory first visit to the KiWu Clinic and an operation appointment in four months.
But we didn’t know at the time what exactly would happen to me during this operation and how it would proceed.
Apart from that, I probably don’t have to explain to anyone who wants to have children how bad these long waiting times for appointments are.
So we have again
We asked for a short-term appointment with the fertility doctor because we still have a lot of unanswered questions and would like to discuss the procedure of the operation with him.
At the beginning of the appointment, the doctor (really!) told us about his New Year’s Eve and his children for over five minutes without asking and after that he hardly had any time for our questions. After about 10 more minutes he told us he now had his next appointment.
In those 10 minutes he laughed at us about almost every question and told us that he wasn’t the “expert for these questions” (our questions were, for example, about the ICSI, how something like that works and how to do it can prepare for such an appointment) and he wouldn’t understand why we’re sitting across from him again and stealing his time, because we should have found out about it ourselves. There was also a statement about what we would have believed, how long he would take time for us and we should have found out how long the appointment would last when we made the appointment. It was clear that this was only scheduled for 15 minutes.
So after 15 minutes he actually left us in front of his door, perplexed and crying. I can’t count how many attempts we made to ask what would happen to me during the operation, how an ICSI works, whether you can help/support with nutritional supplements, etc. He answered in his unpleasant way, which was so cross-border has been that it still stuns me and us.

An example: When asked about specific dietary supplements for those wanting to have children, there was first a laugh and then the answer: “I’m not a pharmacy.”

Although we went into this appointment with so much hope, we were left even more helpless and powerless than before and it was immediately clear to us: Never again!

Since then, we have advised everyone we know who have an unfulfilled desire to have children to avoid this clinic.



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