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Rating 5 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

The one-year anniversary of my transfer was one year ago this week. After a previous natural miscarriage and subsequent loss from an ectopic pregnancy, I was so nervous for this transfer, but Dr. Gelman was always straight-forward, honest and encouraging. I’m not the type for false hope or empty promises, so his realistic POV every step of the way (even in the most heartbreakingly difficult times) was comforting to me. He didn’t say it would be ok when no one can promise that. Instead, he told me to try to stay positive and believe in what was possible. And now, I look at my little baby boy, and I feel nothing but gratitude every single time. The entire staff at IVF MD became like family to me. Going through IVF, you spend so much time in the office, so it was amazing to celebrate our pregnancy with people who were there all the way through getting to that point. I can’t recommend this office enough. I’m so so grateful to them for bringing me my perfect baby boy 💙

Rating 5 on Friday, 07 June 2024

I can’t express the joy and peace I felt when I got to IVFMD at Cooper City a true blessing. Dr Wood is amazing she explain every detail of my results and made two plans to best accommodate me and my husband. We also are in hands of the wonderful nurses Sherly & Manzy . Here I found a comfortable environment, peaceful and very professional. Thank you soo much IVF . Highly recommended.

Rating 5 on Sunday, 12 May 2024

Thanks to Dr. Wood and her staff (almost 13 years ago) my husband and I were able to have beautiful twins that are now about to be teenagers! This doctor is extremely good at what she does and is upfront about expectations and possible outcomes!

Rating 5 on Wednesday, 01 May 2024

About a month ago I had a biopsy with Dr Adriana Ballesta, that woman is an angel on earth, I was very scared and the way she spoke to me made my nerves go down, the procedure was uncomfortable but not painful at all. She took the time to call me on my phone on her day off to give me the results, anyway, if you have to have a biopsy of the uterus, don’t hesitate to ask Dr Adriana to do it, you won’t regret it.

Rating 5 on Tuesday, 09 April 2024

My husband and I are so grateful to Dr.Gelman for our beautiful daughter…after trying to conceive for 5yrs, he looked at our case and immediately assured us we will get pregnant during our very first appointment. Sure enough we got a positive test our very first cycle. Our daughter was born healthy and safe. The staff were good to us and we appreciate everyone’s help and support. I recommend Dr.Gelman to anyone seeking fertility treatment. He is honest, straightforward and compassionate. God put him on our path and he helped our dream come true.

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Rating 1 on Monday, 18 March 2024

We started in the Cooper City office in 2022 with Dr. Gelman. Everything started smooth and went well. Until the issues started to arise from:

1. Scheduling: we had 3 appointments scheduled on days that Dr. Gelman was off. We drive 1.5 hours each way (3 hours round trip) to visit this office.

2. Charges: we were charged fees that were unreasonable (e.g. husband goes in with wife for consultations) and they billed my insurance but still charged me $400+ for the same visit.

3. Billing: they cannot provide pricing for services when we use insurance and we are charged for any little thing we do, just to speak to a doctor they will charge a “consult fee.”

4. Price Locked: we secured lower pricing in 2022 before IVF MD increased their prices, but we still have to pay other fees and charges, seems a bit of a scam to make more money.

5. Transparency: the staff will not explain the prices or services clear enough and most of the time they do not know or come up with a story/excuse for the issues.

6. Accountability: no one is accountable in the front-end to the back-end. They will blame the patient.

7. Prelude App: we use the app but they take days to answer or in some cases no one answers.

8. Stress: some of the departments (e.g. appointments, scheduling and billing) add more stress to the process and we are considering to transfer to another location.

9. Communication: the staff do not provide names when calling and when we ask for a name they avoid to give to us, in some cases the caller hangs us.

10. Unprofessionalism: the some of the staff is defensive, rude and no accountability for their mistakes.

11. Surgery: my wife has to do a procedure with Dr. Woods in March 2024; but now (3 weeks later) we received a phone call from Stephanie who boldly lied that she has been calling us (no call log on both of our phones). Now the surgery has to be put off until April 2024; making the process more challenging and stressful for my wife.

It is just terrible and discouraging, how things are playing out with the Cooper City office!!!

Rating 1 on Thursday, 23 May 2024

The Dr. was great, but that was it. They kept telling me that I would receive a call the Friday before my appointment with a cost estimate and that never happened. At the end of my appointment they told me I would receive a call from someone who would help coordinate my tests. That never happened. Before and after my appointment I let the staff know that I could not access my account. I also reached out to the support team for the app they use. No one has responded. All communication between you and the team happens through this app. So now a week and a half after my appointment I have no information and no ability to move forward. There are plenty of fertility clinics. Don’t stick with one that isn’t responsive or supportive.

Rating 1 on Monday, 10 June 2024

Total disregard for your time.
Wait time always an hour or more past your appointment time.



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