IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)

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Top fertility clinic with personalized and empathetic care

IVF Donostia clinic has received rave reviews for their personalized and empathetic care, with patients noting the professionalism and support from the entire team. However, some patients have mentioned issues with communication and wait times.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 5 on Friday, 07 June 2024

This great team has helped us achieve our goal, getting pregnant 😀 After having done some tests in other centers, they recommended IVF and it has been a success. Always available for any questions, close and very professional team. You will feel at home. Mila mila esker Maite, Elisa, Sarai, Maialen, Goretti eta guztioi ✨

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 04 June 2024

Such a lovely staff and experience. A rarity for a visit to a doctor’s office. 🙏🏼

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 5 on Sunday, 26 May 2024

I really enjoyed my journey within this clinic. Following my request for information, I was contacted very quickly by telephone. I was then able to obtain an appointment within a very short time to go there to discover the place. The establishment located in the center, is on a human scale, very clean and welcoming. The Distrito Oeste hotel is perfect for staying and walking to the clinic.
All the staff speak French very well, are really attentive and show kindness. We have a contact person throughout our journey. You can send an email or call with the slightest question and the answer usually arrives within the day.
Video appointments with medical staff have always gone well. They take the time for each patient and the exchanges are natural and easy; just like the medical interventions which take place in a good humor with always a lot of thoughtfulness and attention. We feel considered.
Following three IVFs with my eggs which were unsuccessful, the double donation IVF worked on the first try 🙂. Today I am the mother of an adorable little boy, almost 6 months old, full of joy of life, who fills me with happiness!
Thank you for everything !

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 30 April 2024

Thank you to IVF for good follow-up, great happiness to have had my son in November. Thanks to the medical team and assistants.

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 5 on Monday, 29 April 2024

I came across this clinic by chance on Google, I left a message there then the next day I received a phone call from the clinic it was Jean Philippe, very friendly, pleasant reassuring and very professional, which made me led me to choose this clinic and I don’t regret it. A big thank you to Dr. ESTEFANIA, (very professional, she knows her job, she knows what she is doing, an adapted treatment is effective) thank you to MAËVA our interlocutor (she has been there for me, with every question I have asked, to the doubts that I might have about filling out the documents etc… it is efficient) thanks to the anesthesiologist who is a very gentle woman (I remember the day of the puncture, always the little caress on the arm to reassure me because I was stressed). Thanks to Sarah, one of the very kind nurses.
First IVF, and it’s a success, I’m pregnant and I’m so happy, IVF Donostia has made my dream come true. I can’t wait to give birth and come back 😃. Don’t hesitate if you are looking for a serious clinic in San Sebastian IVF is the best, the treatment is really adapted for IVF to work, everything is in place for it to work.
The premises are very clean, it is easy to access, you can park nearby.
A really big thank you to the whole team, yesterday I was able to hear my baby’s heart beat, it was a great joy. Thank you again thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
May God bless you
Our little princess arrived on April 1, 2024. What joy, we cried with joy.
She is magnificent, thank you to IVF san Sebastian you don’t know how grateful we are to you for making our dream come true.❤️

1 most negative reviews for IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)

IVF-Life Donostia (Instituto Vasco de Fertilidad)
Rating 1 on Monday, 27 May 2024

Very complicated to be attended to. Disappointed.
Being such a sensitive issue and the cost being so high, I thought the treatment would be different.
Neither the public nor the private ones work anymore. Nothing is worth it, nothing. Agur



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