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IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 14 February 2024
NewLife Clinic team exceeded my expectations.

I express my gratitude to the NewLife Clinic team for everything they have done for us.

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 12 September 2023
“Incredible Professionals Ensure Every Patient Receives Personalized Care!”

A wonderful team of professionals with attention to every patient!

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 5 on Saturday, 18 March 2023
Top-notch specialists with a fantastic attitude!

Excellent specialists, great attitude!

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 5 on Thursday, 14 July 2022
Highly recommend Dr. Davidova in Burgas for exceptional gynecological care

Extremely satisfied with the gynecologist in Burgas, the wonderful Dr. Davidova. Attentive to the last detail. Explains everything in accessible language. Individual recommendations and attitude. I recommend with both hands.

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IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 1 on Saturday, 08 July 2023
“My Disappointing Experience with Clinic Dr. Markova in Burgas”

I would like to express my extreme disappointment with this clinic. I am at risk early pregnancy and was looking for a gynecologist who understands similar type of difficult pregnancies like mine. I read a good advertisement and thought that if it says that they deal with this type of problem, then I can trust them. I made an appointment by phone supposedly for the clinic in Burgas. I went and it turned out that I was signed up for Plovdiv. Anyway, it wasn’t a big problem, because thanks to a wonderful lady, I managed to wait for another specialist. Or at least that’s what I thought… Dr. Markova came. First a complete lack of human touch, second a total lack of approach, professionalism or knowledge. First he told me that I had an empty sac with no heartbeat. After I was accordingly horrified and checked with the vaginal ultrasound, the words were “Well, maybe you can see a yolk bubble, but it lags behind. If you are in the 6th week, it does not develop, if you are in the 5th, then come in 10 days to see again” Meaning? After that, she didn’t prescribe me any hormones, injections or systems, because according to her, if there is a pregnancy at all, it’s not right and it makes no sense. The reasons could be many and unknown. Medicine cannot help until the 12th week. He sent me tests for vitamin D and B, for thrombophilia, according to which tests I already had, I don’t have NK cells, but the other sedsidmica, and that’s because I asked to test a prescription from 7 years ago in the presence of pregnancy from another doctor. So what kind of reproductive problems clinic is it? I was devastated… the next day I went to a gynecologist at St. Elisaveta Pleven. I received an adequate examination, I heard the baby’s heartbeat, the size and development are absolutely normal, they injected me with chemicals to normalize the level of cells that attack the baby, they gave me a schedule of drugs to prevent possible problems and they will do everything possible to help. Dr. Markova should throw away the diploma she apparently bought and not increase the number of abortions, whether planned or spontaneous. If he simply cannot distinguish a live from a dead embryo, I don’t understand what he is doing in a clinic that is supposed to help live and healthy babies.

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 1 on Saturday, 16 September 2023
“Nightmare Experience with Dobrinka Petrova’s Clinic”

I woke up today with a distinct sense of unfinished business! I found out that it is due to the five-year silence regarding the “wonderful” work of Dobrinka Petrova, thanks to which my wife is still unable to recover mentally! Then we were in shock, and twice, so we couldn’t react properly, because this woman and the clinic she represents were on trial! I’ll attribute the brutal bleeding after a puncture to…it happens, nothing
that he assigned it to the trainee Tanev. A life-saving operation and half a liter of blood had to be removed! My wife’s fainting was neglected (didn’t she smoke soon after the anesthesia, in the hospital and they called the Princess with the pea, she was acting out… until they took half a liter of blood from her stomach! The real tragedy was during the subsequent transfer! I will abstract from the fact that a woman mi and another girl with blisters full to bursting, waited almost two
hour Dobrinka deign to appear at the appointed hour! It turned out that to do her work, she had to be in a good mood (according to her), that’s why she went to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee in the center of Plovdiv! Awesome job! The transfer itself…..despite several warnings that my wife has anatomical distortions and that a trial transfer should be done….Dobrinka said she was the best in Bulgaria and ignored him…An hour of poking and pushing embryos followed, the result of such a thing I guess it is known to most women! Then why did they swear at them, why did they beat them, why did they attack them… Dobrinka Petrova is lucky that we were in shock, otherwise the whole town would have known what kind of pseudo-doctor we were talking about!

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 1 on Friday, 26 January 2024
“Shocked by Doctors’ Money-Driven Attitude”

Very ugly attitude from people we all call “doctors”. Their goal is to take your money regardless of whether they helped you or not. I’m shocked

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 1 on Monday, 12 February 2024
Dr. Petrova, beware of her!!!

Dr. Petrova, beware of her!!!

IVF clinic NewLife
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 05 March 2024
Uncoordinated and Rude Staff at Testing Center, Not Recommended

My husband went for tests there, for a second opinion. He had to explain the same thing (what these tests are and why they are necessary) four times – on the phone, to the receptionist, to the nurse and to the lab assistant. No contact and communication between the employees there. Rude attitude, lots of waiting, depressing atmosphere. I don’t recommend.



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