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Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 5 on Monday, 15 November 2021
“Grateful for Exceptional Treatment and Support in Achieving Dreams!”

Delighted with the treatment and attention received!

Thank you for making it possible, for helping to fulfill dreams!

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 5 on Monday, 10 January 2022
Outstanding Team Delivers Excellent Care in Gynecology and Embryology

Excellent treatment by everyone, excellent gynecologist, excellent embryonic. Thank you very much, a great team.

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 21 December 2021
Exceptional clinic experience leaves us with utmost satisfaction and gratitude

Maximum satisfaction with this clinic, we can only have words of gratitude for the entire team of great professionals who work there. We are delighted with the treatment received, from the first visit we felt very comfortable, they explained the personalized treatment in detail and they have always been there to answer any questions that have arisen. We are very satisfied and happy with the result obtained so far; both the embryologists, Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez, nursing and patient care have made this path more bearable and have shown us that dreams can come true. Thank you very much to each and every one of them for their professionalism, experience and the treatment received. Regardless of the final result, we know that we are in the best hands.

4 most negative reviews for Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 2 on Tuesday, 02 August 2022
My experience with no guarantees and rising prices leaves me feeling like I threw away a lot of money.

we have felt I don’t know how to explain it, a lot of money thrown away, without guarantees, and now to start from scratch (on top of that prices have risen), paying again, I think that with what it is worth they would have to insure the pregnancy +

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 1 on Saturday, 22 April 2023
Personal experience: €10,000 wasted with no results; clinic pressures for unnecessary treatments.

€10,000 thrown away, without results (and if it were up to them, it could have been €13,000), despite starting with a budget of €5,000.
This clinic does not guarantee results (today there are already clinics that return money in case of not obtaining results), but that is not all. There is much more.
They pressure their patients to carry out additional analyzes and treatments that are not justified at all, sometimes they do not make any sense, in our case without results.
We arrived at this clinic with a complicated diagnosis, but Dr. González gave us hope from day one. On multiple occasions he told me: “this time you have to get pregnant.”
We arrived with all the possible analyzes (including a karyotype of both) from just over a year before and which we contributed. We had to repeat all of them (curiously some of those who requested us only did them in all CyL). We agreed. These analyzes did not provide any additional information. Everything was known. They only made the treatment more expensive.
We started the treatment and initially four embryos were obtained. They pressured us with insistent phone calls to carry out a genetic diagnosis of these four embryos (of which only two reached the blastocyst) to the point of making us feel irresponsible for not accepting. Had he accepted, it would have been about €3,000 more wasted.
As I say, only two embryos reached the blastocyst. On the day of the transfer, they refuse to transfer both, for an alleged “risk of multiple pregnancy”. I insist that our case was complicated and we arrived with a previous abortion and a complete in-vitro cycle in the SS, which was also unsuccessful.
The cryopreservation and subsequent transfer of the frozen embryo cost an additional €2,000, of course.
Before this second transfer, they requested tests worth another €1,000 with which they justified the supposed presence of some antibodies at the limit of normal values, which supposedly were ruining the implantations. They told us as the absolute truth. Specialists consulted later have informed us that these are such non-specific antibodies that it is very risky to think that they may have some relationship with the implantation process, as they assured. They prescribed corticosteroids for the second transfer to neutralize these presumed antibodies. When the day was due to make the transfer due to the time of my cycle, the doctor pouted at the biologist and they called me at 12 noon. The secretary tells me that the doctor leaves early that day because he is going on vacation and there are going to be two transfers that morning. The doctor tells me not to give me progesterone on the day of the transfer, that he already gives it to me after it.
I arrived at the clinic fifteen minutes early and the doctor made the transfer without even speaking to us. I asked her about the progesterone and she was surprised not to remember that she had asked me not to take it that day. The blood tests then gave very low values ​​of progesterone, which greatly compromised the success of the treatment. Ten minutes after the transfer, they told me that I had to leave, that there was another patient, despite the fact that their documents indicate that they will rest on the stretcher for at least 30 minutes after the transfer (what happened is that the doctor was going on vacation).
As this second transfer was made less than four months after the embryo was frozen, we were entitled to a refund of the maintenance fee for the cryopreserved embryo. We contacted three times demanding said revolution, which did not take place until we threatened to take legal action and several months later.

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 1 on Thursday, 20 July 2023
“Disappointing Experience with Unreliable Clinic Communication”

The phone says it’s not in service and I went to the clinic and it’s closed, but the website says it’s open. unpresentable

Instituto Europeo de Fertilidad (IEF)
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 03 October 2023
Embryos Transferred Without Notice, Lack of Ethics from My Point of View

The embryos were taken to another center without prior notice. Then they sent a letter with the transfer made to their headquarters in Madrid. Lack of everything…don’t waste your money on them…and lack of ethics from my point of view.



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