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Highly Recommended Fertility Clinic in Madrid

Instituto Bernabeu is a top-notch fertility clinic in Madrid, with highly professional and compassionate staff, personalized treatments, and successful outcomes. However, some customers have complained about delays and lack of financing options.

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Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 5 on Saturday, 25 May 2024

When you have years of attempts, disappointments, abortions, tests and gynecologists behind you that end up generating anxiety…meeting a team of professionals like this is priceless. From the first moment they listened to us, advised us, and treated our case in a personal and exhaustive way and not like just another “number” like in any other clinic. I can only have words of gratitude for each of the people at the Bernabéu Institute in Madrid, especially for Doctor Cristina García-Ajofrín, who is as good a professional as she is a person, always looking for the best medical solutions, explaining everything to us in great detail and making us see that all was not lost, his tact and professionalism made us feel very safe and comfortable throughout the entire process, although it was not always a bed of roses; for Marisa who was always there supporting us and helping us, very attentive and with infinite patience; to all the nurses for their love; and of course the team of embryologists for their efficiency and thoroughness; without forgetting the entire gynecology department who was also wonderful, as well as administration, reception, Natalia, a psychologist who is a sweetheart and also helped me when I needed it most… (she will probably leave me to someone).

You can tell that they are all people who love their work and their main goal is to help people. The entire team is a perfect mechanism and without them we would not have achieved what we had been looking for for more than 4 years… and that is to get pregnant!!! Furthermore, once we got the expected positive result, they remained very involved so that the first trimester (the most dangerous) went well and did not end in an abortion, which was also another of my great fears. I’m sure that even if it hadn’t turned out well in the end, I would still have the same opinion towards them.

That’s why I encourage people who are having a hard time with these issues to stop thinking about it, stop “prolonging the suffering” and go to the Bernabéu Institute. Unfortunately, there are more and more cases like ours (whether due to age, life circumstances, genetic issues, or a thousand other reasons) and if we have the opportunity to let ourselves be helped by real professionals who are also involved with people… let’s do it!

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 5 on Friday, 17 May 2024

My name is pilar palos. They told me about the Bernabéu Madrid Institute. We went years and a half ago and after two failed attempts, the third time was the charm. The treatment by doctors, nurses, assistants, administration, all excellent. Magnificent treatment. My partner and I have been attended to at all times with any questions we had and right now they have already discharged me but they are still by my side for any questions. I will always be grateful.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 5 on Thursday, 09 May 2024

Excellent treatment. Professional and organized center. I had previously tried in vitro fertilization at another center, without success, and at this one I finally succeeded. I do not have medical knowledge to say if it was luck or methodology, I only know that in the end I achieved pregnancy and that the treatment was impeccable. The organization they have and the way they inform you about the medication, the steps to follow, the constant availability of the nursing service, the consultations, the operating rooms, the care in the hospital on the days of sedation… It all helped in favor, and happily everything worked.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 30 April 2024

Clean, professional and honest clinical center and staffs, really honored to visit and follow-up by them.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 5 on Sunday, 24 March 2024

Excellent service highly recommended

5 most negative reviews for Instituto Bernabeu Madrid

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 19 April 2023
My Experience at the Clinic: Late Appointments, Lack of Financing, and Generic Treatments

I will share my experience

They are always late.
-They do not help in financing
-They do not offer personalized treatments
-You have to do practically everything with the App (it always fails).
-They want to charge you for everything, even for an analysis that in theory indicates which medication is correct for you.
-They give you the same medication as everyone, after having done the test.
-The puncture is done by another doctor.
-Terrible breakfast the day of the puncture.
-They try to get you to buy the medication at their trusted pharmacy (when I went they didn’t want to give me the ticket, and we are talking about medication that costs more than €150 per box).

– The same doctor usually treats you.
– Machines and installations.
– Doctors introduce the ultrasound carefully.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 17 May 2023
Disappointing Consultation at Clinic: Cold and Unprofessional Experience

I was at the clinic for a consultation, I felt it an extremely cold and unwelcoming place. unprepared professional to deal with client. I would not recommend.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 14 June 2023
Unprofessional and Uniform Treatment at This Clinic – Save Your Money and Find a Better Option

Don’t waste your money here!! They are only interested in your wallet, in social security they take better care of you and give you a more personalized treatment, here they prescribe the same thing to everyone!!! And the results are unfortunate, the patients I met had it just as bad as me, so don’t waste your money here and go to a more professional clinic.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 25 July 2023
“Disappointing experience with money-focused healthcare provider”

Very little human, they only seek to make money. And yes, I have consulted with you in the first person in case you excuse yourself by saying that I have not been your patient, surely Chiara from patient care will remember.

Instituto Bernabeu Madrid
Rating 1 on Friday, 06 October 2023
Patient still waiting for response on compensation request after administration error in IVF treatment.

Despite myself, months later, I am still waiting for someone from the administrative office to deign to respond to my legitimate request for compensation for damages, both economic and above all moral: except for the professionalism and humanity of the doctors with whom we we are always interfaced, our personal assistant made a gross mistake in dictating the timing of the Ovitrelle injection: instead of a maximum of 36 hours, I did it 60 hours early!! The staff were initially hesitant to admit the mistake, but once we arrived at the clinic in Madrid we were faced with a choice: to make or not to make the attempt, stop. dumping the hot potato in our hands without considering that we had already paid for the trip and no one had deigned to offer us even a partial refund of the treatment as compensation for the mistake… in fact they made us pay every last penny I’ll stop at this because then there would be so much to say: such as the difficulties in communicating with the assistant, the always tight deadlines and the delays in communications.
It’s unfortunate that there is a need to reiterate that we are not just money to be squandered, but we are people with dreams and hopes to be treated with care.



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