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Gynem Fertility Clinic in Prague is a top choice for assisted reproduction

Gynem Fertility Clinic in Prague has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, highlighting the professionalism of the staff, the success rates of treatment, and the personalized care provided. However, there are some concerns about administrative processes and communication that potential patients should be aware of.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

We are very satisfied with Gynem. You did your job very professionally, and everyone was very nice and human.
The atmosphere in the clinic is very pleasant and relaxed. It’s a clean clinic.
Our lovely coordinator Oxana always answered our questions and gave us good advice.
We can only recommend Gynem. Thank you for everything!

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Our dream came true at the GYNEM clinic, we became parents! Very satisfied with the service and treatment, everyone is friendly and professional. The most important thing for us is that they respond quickly to every inquiry, and recommend from the heart to everyone who is planning to go.

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 5 on Thursday, 30 May 2024

Me and my wife don’t have enough words Thanks Gynem Staffs, doctors, coordinators. A very special to Hana who has helped us always leading us in every step of the process. We had tried 3 times before we arrive on Gynem Clinic. I’m not saying that anyone who will go Gynem will be successful. I’m saying we had the best experience and definitely we would again and recommend them. Me, my wife and our little princess will be always grateful.

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 5 on Monday, 20 May 2024

Where dreams comes true.
We started ivf treatment about 10 months ago.
We choose gynem due to their professionell staff. And their very forth comming staff.
Its been a great experience.
And we now have a baby boy.
So tanks to gynem And special thanks to our koordinator hana.
Best regards from denmark

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 08 May 2024

My husband and I have been going to this clinic for less than 3 years, and although it was very difficult, I am very grateful to everyone who works there. Everyone was very nice, professional, accommodating, the doctor constantly discussed options with us and looked for the cause of our unsuccessful attempts. They always answered all our questions and advised us where and for which examinations we need to go. We are extremely grateful to the entire staff that we can look forward to a beautiful and clever daughter and we will definitely not hesitate to try for a sibling 🙂

4 most negative reviews for GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 07 February 2023
Disappointing experiences lead to lack of confidence in Gynem.

I have been coming to Gynem since the past 7 years. Albeit yet to be sucessful in our endeavour, my husband and I have continued to have faith in Gynem up until last year.

What transpiered last year and since? The coordination and communication with Jana and the meetings with the embryologist for the two transfers in 2022 remained excellent. However, the experience with the doctor who carried out the trasfer was less so comfortable and I would say rather questionable. There were mistakes in the report (medicines) to continue with post-embryo transfer on both occassions. Within an hour of the first transfer, I was spotting. It was fresh blood, which raised concerns and questions on whether the transfer had been carried out properly.

The second time around there was utter chaos at the clinic. There was a ridicolously long wait in the waiting room for the transfer even though I was the only one awaiting a transfer. I waited for almost an hour. Desipite requesting an update, I was simply left waiting without any feedback. Needless to say, waiting on a full bladder is not comfortable. And then to spot mistakes in the report was far from amusing.

Based on these two experiences, we did not feel confident or mentally prepared to come back to Gynem until this year.

I was very happy for Jana and to hear that she has been promoted to work in the lab. However, this has been yet another blow as Hana the coordinator assigned to us was far from efficient. Emails were responded to in part – her replies were limited to what she felt for and through inital communication, her one go to line for anything where I requested clarification or highlighted an inconsistency was, “your file is new to me”. How many times can a file be new?

Requests seeking Dr Mrazek’s contact details, information or a call were initially left unanswered. Eventually, Hana mentionaed that Dr Mrazek had retired. And when I mentioend that his name still appeared on the website, she suggested I reach out to the webteam and ask them for a clarification.

At this stage, if we did not have embryos with Gynem, we would not returned to Gynem.

On the day of the transfer the experience remained surreal. Before the transfer Hana asked why I was taking both Asprin and Clexane as it should be one or the other and not both. I was absolutely flabargasted as both were part of my protocol which needless to say is not defined by me. When I pointed this out, Hana’s response was simply – “its OK, not like it is life threatening”. It is absolutely beyond absurd. Does Gynem prescribe medication that is not required?

Once in for the transfer, the doctor came up with an explaination which honestly sound like a lame excuse but by this stage I really could not be bothered. I simply wanted the transfer done and get out of there.

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 2 on Friday, 08 March 2024

So far a very mixed and very stressful experience with Gynem. At the beginning the contact was good, but as soon as we got involved with them there were real gaps in the administrative process and in the medical follow-up: error in the invoices, “forgetting” to ask us for signatures verified at the town hall, which caused a maximum stress peak on the day of collection. We’ll see how the rest goes but, if I had to do it again, I would choose another clinic. The multiple mistakes made me lose a lot of confidence. We ended up getting a new coordinator, Klara, who is very popular in Google reviews, so we are basing our hopes a lot on her so that our file will be treated seriously. My advice for those who deal with Gynem: everything, absolutely everything, lock on quote, invoice BEFORE payment. Once it is paid they tell you in black and white that they will not send the invoice (which is not very practical when you have to be reimbursed for even a small part of the treatment by health insurance French).

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 27 March 2024

If you’ve already had some failed IVF please avoid this clinic! They will apply the “all-fit-protocol” on you without taking into account your previous experience. I’ll explain below in detail.

This was our 8th IVF cycle. (By the way, we’ve never left any reviews about previous clinics despite the negative results because we’ve never faced such negligence as in this clinic). Here are my complaints about the Gynem clinic:


Our appointments were lasting 5-10 min, the doctor measured follicles very approximately, not accurately. I was told by dr. Jan Vobořil I have 9 big follicles (6 – 18 mm, 3 – 17 mm), which is a lot for me as a DOR patient. After egg collection, I got info that there were 6 big follicles among 12. We never found out the right information about follicles’ amount & size and can’t even make any conclusions from this treatment for the future.

We were not able to ask questions because dr. Jan Vobořil got nervous. He acted like a God and wanted us to follow his instructions without any doubts. Don’t we have the right to get information about our treatment for 3.000€?


Dr. Jan disregarded learnings from past protocols and prescribed Ganirelex on the day of the Ovitrelle trigger without any adjustments to the trigger which resulted in empty follicles. (Another doctor we talked with confirmed that it was a mistake). Dr. Jan has assured us during the consultation that this method works, despite us flagging there was a problem with exactly the same treatment earlier.

The doctor who performed the puncture (Dr. Akerke Kanagatova) should have not proceeded after collecting 3 empty follicles. The procedure should have been stopped, an HCG blood test done, an extra trigger prescribed and egg collection performed on the following day.  Nothing was done, of course!

The doctors of the Gynem told me that I have an “Empty follicles syndrome” which is just an excuse for their mistake (If I have one, why I did get the eggs from the previous retrievals?)

Here is a nice video about the “Empty follicle syndrome” and how it can be treated:


Nobody told me about the blood test results I did before IVF. I requested them and there I saw that my cholesterol level is too high (6.6). They just ignored this even though I’m at high risk because my father died from this disease when he was 46 y.o (I’ve pointed this out before). If I would not request the test results I would even didn’t know about this problem.

They take no test during the stimulation and before the trigger (LH, E2, P4). So, they do the IVF blindly. We were told that is not important to control my hormones. Well, no comments…

No one asked for bacteria analysis (vaginal and cervical), which is very important for a future pregnancy.


Initial consultation and 3 ultrasounds were done by dr. Jan. I got another doctor for the egg retrieval without being informed. Why did nobody mention before the treatment that we will get different doctors?

Needless to say that it was the worst result ever. We got absolutely NOTHING! It never happened to us before, I always had at least one M2 egg from 20+ mm follicles, a 100% of fertilization rate, and at least one embryo from the cycle. They didn’t admit their fault of course.

The only thing that was good in this clinic – was the very skilled nurses, who put in IV and take blood tests perfectly and painlessly.

Unfortunately, in the Gynem clinic, we were treated as a number, not like a human without any personal approach (as it says on their website). Absolutely can’t recommend this clinic and especially dr. Jan Vobořil to others (he thinks way too much about himself and is very negligent and careless).

GYNEM IVF – Fertility Clinic / Klinika asistované reprodukce
Rating 1 on Thursday, 18 April 2024

I give zero stars, the hospital is very bad, there is no care for the customers, at first they ask for 6 thousand Euros, they said that there will be 6 thousand Euros for the treatment period, then the additional costs are too much and there is no result, if you go here, be very careful and think many times, it destroyed all our hopes. It’s a big disappointment, don’t go, it’s terrible.



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