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Ginemed Aravaca is a fertility clinic in Madrid with mixed customer reviews. While some customers praise the personalized care and successful results, others highlight issues with communication and administrative processes.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

After three years and many failed attempts in public health, thanks to Nuria Perez Esturo and the entire Ginemed team, we have achieved our pregnancy. They study each case in a personalized way and if there is a negative beta, they look for new avenues and alternatives until they find a possible solution. We also believe that good incubators are essential in the process. Nuria has treated us with great affection, patience and professionalism for which we are very grateful.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 10 April 2024

I want to thank the entire Ginemed Aravaca team for their treatment and support during this very difficult process. It seems incredible to me to write these words pregnant with how difficult it has been. Thanks to my gynecologist Nuria, my coordinator Amaya, to my wonderful nurses, receptionists, laboratory. Looking forward to the 9 months passing now. I recommend this clinic for the mental support they give you and the fundamental support that I did not find at the Gregorio Marañon Hospital.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 12 March 2024

I can only have good words and thanks for the entire Ginemed team. In addition to being good professionals, they are sensitive and kind people who accompany you on this path of searching for motherhood in often complicated situations. And they help you get the most important thing in your life, your baby.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 5 on Thursday, 08 February 2024
Ginemed Team Provided Exceptional Support Throughout My Treatment

Thank you Ginemed Team for the very personal but at the same time professional treatment. It is a difficult and hard process for couples, but they have not been very supportive, basically available for any questions, 24×7 consultation. Thank you very much especially to my doctor Blanca but also to all the staff at the clinic, everyone is very kind.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 5 on Saturday, 17 February 2024
Ginemed Aravaca: A supportive and professional clinic for fertility treatments

I went to this center because my gynecologist (Patricia García-Casarrubios) collaborates with them. And my husband and I put ourselves in your hands.
I was also looking and finding out about different clinics on specialized pages, it was a very good decision to choose them. I knew that you are one of the best clinics in Madrid without a doubt.
I would like to thank the entire Ginemed Aravaca team from reception to the laboratory and especially mention Mireya C for her closeness, kindness, empathy and professionalism.
It is a very hard treatment, in which you have a lot of fear and uncertainty. She gives you a lot of confidence and tranquility. Thank you for listening to me and comforting me in those moments with small ups and downs.
We had our baby a month and a half ago.

5 most negative reviews for Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 1 on Monday, 16 January 2023
Administrative Nightmare: Clinic Neglects Patient Care and Pushes Egg Donation

Even one star is a strech. The clinic dies not seem to care about the patients at all. They never call back when they say they would. The dictor that i really liked and who really cared has left the clinic, I suspect for a good reason.
The administration is a nightmare. The results are not provided on time and nobody takes responsibility for anything. The head doctor allows herself to come to the operations room with loose hair…
In my case the clinic acted with negligence, but nobody wants to admit it.
They are probably specialising in selling the egg donation and push patients towards it even when it is not warranted

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 1 on Thursday, 25 May 2023
Disappointed with Doctor’s Lack of Flexibility for Late Arrival

We have called to say that we were 10 minutes late due to being stuck in a hailstorm on the highway, it was an informative appointment to see treatment options. The doctor said that she would not see us because we were 10 minutes late. We had already done tests and an estimate with them, for which, by the way, we had to wait more than 10 minutes by appointment.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 1 on Sunday, 04 June 2023
“Personal Review: Clinic Experience Turned Out to be Abusive and Unprofessional”

I tell you about our experience with said clinic “one of the best” it turns out that we do not feel cheated or robbed but ABUSED !!! We will not give names, much less, because the human factor is not to blame, but rather the lack of empathy, tact, professionalism and trust. After two attempts we left with no desire, no money and spirits on the ground due to bad practice and bad experience! A real botch!

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 12 March 2024

My experience with GINEMED Aravaca is full of lights and shadows. They never informed me that there was not a single doctor treating you, in my case up to 4 doctors making decisions about me… if I had known I would never have chosen this clinic. The one they assigned me was the one I saw the least in the entire process, and no matter how much they say that they communicate, it is not entirely true…. From what they told us in the recruitment interview to what it really was, there is quite a bit. There is a world of distance, and at an economic level too, from the €800 they told us in medication for the 1411 of us that we ended up paying, and because Monica the nurse (who is the best there is at GINEMED) provided us with some…

At an administrative level it’s all quite horrible, we went from non-stop calls while they recruited us as clients, to not answering the emails or calls we made… all late, badly or not at all.

The day of the puncture was quite uncomfortable (fact: anesthetist talking on the cell phone in my ear, unprepared stretcher) and the absence of support afterwards (except to claim €80 that had not been paid or the email to request the money from the DGP ) It became clear that I did not choose the puncture on SUNDAY, that it didn’t matter to me if it was on Monday, whatever my body asked for. So the excuse that we are on call on Sundays doesn’t work for me.

The feeling that I missed one more day is a reality… The results were much worse than in social security, with much more surveillance and monitoring, worse results. Even the embryologists were amazed.

They didn’t do a good job with me, and I know they know it. They sold me too much smoke and I swallowed it.

The feeling of the business is what has stayed with me, that I have gone beyond its statistics, at the end of the day I am just a client who pays a company with the aim of getting a baby, if you get it everything is forgotten , if you don’t get it you’ll just look stupid. By the way, I’m still waiting for the money that was overpaid to be returned… they’re in no hurry for that, as of today I’ve had a week of complaints.

Ginemed Madrid Pardo de Aravaca
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Yes, the same thing happened to us, like Beatriz P., my sister and her girl, I accompanied them, we agree with you. It was a truly incredible feeling, full of lies, they still owe us money, we hired a law firm and we got several more patients, the same thing happened to them in the summer, because of the problems they had with the high temperatures in the laboratory in the middle of summer, those bad results because Were they? It was very painful, because we felt cheated. The worst, the unprofessional and lack of class of the laboratory manager Beatríz, when she explained to us after 10 unanswered calls and emails, thanks to the fact that we found out from the waiting room, why she got mixed up and they said to each other that it was her fault. Was it from Vithas for not fixing the air and the clinic was not closed because it had to be billed? The people in charge of the Hospital came up with faces of fear and fright, angry, with white Vithas coats, arguing among everyone in reception and in the corridors…. they got into a big mess, along with the girl at the morning reception, Laura, to To be in a clinic, you have to have training, and know how to speak and solve problems and not be eating, without a uniform, wearing converse boots and criticizing your colleagues by shouting.
The only humane and good professional people were the nurses Pilar, the assistant Marcela and the doctor who was the one who said they had to close the center and that they were going to get into trouble.



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