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Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Great staff and doctors. Doctor Mc.Nicols and have to mention Doctor Carlos are great. They work with me and husband to fulfill our most cherished dream, which is to be parents. Now our sweet baby is 1 year. Thank God and the great family of Fertility Center of Orlando.

Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 5 on Saturday, 08 June 2024

My husband and I wanted to conceive a second baby, and we had several drawbacks for that. We went to the Orlando fertility center. Thanks to the attention of the whole team, Dr. Mcnikol, and Dr. Carlos Luzena with whom I could directly treat my case, and perform the necessary diagnostic tests, we gave what was the best option to be able to conceive our longed-for baby. Today I have 36 weeks of pregnancy, I already have a date scheduled for cesarean section to receive the miracle of life in our arms. Thank you Dr. Carlos Luzena for guiding us throughout the process and giving us strength when we needed it. I faithfully recommend this center of attention. And I trust in every process to receive the miracle of life. God bless you

Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 05 June 2024

If it wasn’t for Dr. McNichol and his staff, we would not be having the happiest time of our lives with our newborn son. They made our dream a real possibilty by providing more affordable fertility treatment options. Dr. McNichol is a very caring, conscientious doctor who always made himself available and approachable for questions. He listens and provides his time at appointments. There were times I did feel frustrated and questioned my treatment, but that’s probably par for the course in the fertility world. You can’t really argue with results.

Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 5 on Friday, 31 May 2024

Dr McNichol and his team are amazing! There was a lot of uncertainty when I began my journey couple years ago. He explained the process to me well and answered all my questions!

Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 5 on Thursday, 30 May 2024

Dr. McNichols is an amazing doctor, and he explains everything really well. He helps me with what I need. He made all the experiences easy, and I felt comfortable. Very loving and positive staff.

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Fertility Center of Orlando
Rating 1 on Monday, 22 April 2024

This review has taken me about a year because of my horrible experience here. I became a patient in 06/2023 for IVF. While Dr. McNichol is nice, he and his office/staff are very disorganized. When I received information on starting IVF with the calendar to on how my treatment was planned, I received the information through a Gmail account. Further when communicating to the IVF coordinator Ashley, the text messaging is through her cell phone which both methods of communication appear would be a hipaa violation as nothing is secure when sending information related to your health when there should be a portal for patients to communicate to and from.

I completed the initial round of shots and made it to the egg retrieval day. The cleanliness of the room is not what you would expect for a procedure to be completed. The procedure was completed and I had 6 eggs retrieved but they were not matured enough. My husband completed his sample and was told by Francy in the hall in front of other patients that his sample was not enough and all of them had “died.” Again, another hipaa violation. My husband spoke with the nurse that was in the room during my procedure and was told by her that Dr. McNichol had nicked my left ovary during the procedure in which Dr. McNichol did not tell us this happened when he 100% should have. That same day, I started with severe abdominal pain, bleeding and vomitting. An ambulance ride and 3 ER visits in 24 hours to 1. Receive a call by Dr. McNichol telling me the retrieval did not work and 2. When the ER tried to reach him to speak with during my second visit, the office number has no information on how to reach him. I ended up admitted after the 3rd ER visit to get symptoms under control. As time has gone on, I now have some permanent kidney damage which is believed to be from my time with Dr. McNichol as the damage I have is noted to be secondary to medication induced and to be honest, not sure I believe the ovary being nicked is all that happened.

My husband and I communicated all of this to Dr. McNichol and asked for a refund for all that happened in which he refused and blamed it on his office staff embezzling from him so he didn’t have the money. To read new reviews about the office being redone pisses me off that he could not refund me for all the mishaps and hipaa violations. The last attempt my husband made to reach out as he said to reach out a few months later and he should have the money was no response from him at all which is why this review now. Now that I’ve had further medical complications for someone who was perfectly healthy with kidneys, I now have no choice but to contact an attorney for malpractice when he simply could have refunded me the money paid of pocket. BTW, I am fully aware of no refund as the wife makes it clear no refund which I believe she may wear the pants in that office. You can’t take hard earned money from people and give the care I received. Based on other reviews here, seems there is more of this shady practice that others have experienced. DO BETTER and do the right thing and refund for all the emotional and physical pain I have been through.



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