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The fertility clinic has received high praises for the caring and professional approach of its doctors and staff. While some patients have had positive experiences and successful treatments, others have highlighted issues like lack of sensitivity or impoliteness from certain doctors.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for Fertility Center Altona Street

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 5 on Monday, 22 April 2024

We were with Dr. Horn in treatment and were able to benefit from their many years of experience.
Everyone was very friendly to us and we are glad we chose this practice.
Many many thanks!
Without your work our lives would be different.

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 03 April 2024

We had a good feeling from the start. Dr Horn gave us good advice and encouragement right from the start. But not just Dr. Horn, everyone in this clinic is just great. Thank you for our little miracle

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 5 on Monday, 25 March 2024

Special thanks to Prof. Kupka and his team. My treatment (Icsi) with Professor Kupka was extremely successful. The first attempt already led to the desired result. The warm atmosphere in the practice and the understanding of our individual needs made the entire process incredibly pleasant.
The professionalism and commitment of the doctors was simply impressive. Every step was carefully explained and we always felt like we were in the best hands. The communication was exemplary; I was always able to get the information I needed both by phone and in person. The feeling that the team was committed and that I could trust my doctor was of great value to me.

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 20 March 2024

We are/were a couple who have wanted to have children since 2016.
When the diagnosis came, we had to start looking for a fertility clinic. After not doing much research, we decided on the KWZ Altonaerstr. decided. From the beginning until now 2024, we have been listened to. That was very important for us as a couple. When the first icsi was unfortunately negative, other methods were considered and implemented. With the 4th Icsi after 8 years it finally worked.
Today I am pregnant (18 weeks) and we are hopefully expecting a little girl.
We were treated by Dr. Dr. all these years. Judge. Dear person ♥️ For such couples, this situation and this time is a very difficult time. It is all the more important to have a good doctor and a good clinic. We were always very satisfied with Altonaerstr. And we hope everyone who is treated there leaves the clinic with a positive result. Many thanks to Ms. Dr. Judges to the other doctors and also to the nice ladies and gentlemen at reception. We will never forget you as long as we live ♥️♥️

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 19 March 2024

I moved to the KiWu Center Altona in 2022 and was with Dr. Horn under treatment. Miss Dr. Horn made the correct diagnosis and I became pregnant on the first attempt in this practice. Technically she is a very good doctor and knew exactly where to start with me.
After the positive test, I had two remaining ultrasounds. These were given by Dr. Judge carried out. She is a very emphatic and sensitive doctor. She immediately managed to convey the feeling that she was taking their fears and worries seriously, listening and supporting them with good encouragement. For patients who wish to have children, it is exactly the kind of contact you want and need in these moments.
My son is now 8 months old and I am very happy that I took the step of changing hospital back then.

5 most negative reviews for Fertility Center Altona Street

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 2 on Tuesday, 08 August 2023
Mixed Feelings About Experience at Medical Clinic

Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about this. The telephone reception was very friendly and one was called back quickly. After the first information session with a Dr. **** I noticed, however, that I felt uncomfortable and requested a change to Dr.****** by telephone, unfortunately I found the conversation impolite and my request was accepted; it has to be done according to capacity… Too bad:(
I hope that the future develops positively….

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 1 on Friday, 29 September 2023
Unfriendly reception staff lied about fees, upsetting experience

Very unfriendly reception staff
Don’t tell the truth
Ripping off patients’ money.

Very sad

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 1 on Monday, 09 October 2023
Unsatisfactory experience with Dr. Met Kupka for tubal patency test

I had my first appointment there for a tubal patency test.
I have Dr. Met Kupka naked on the treatment chair below. No (clothed) preliminary interview. In retrospect, a no-go for me. Felt very processed and uncomfortable.
He recommended insulin resistance testing, which I had done. Results were inconclusive but mildly abnormal, so he prescribed metformin.
At the next appointment to discuss a blood test, I also wanted to ask a few questions about metformin. I was very insensitively told that the treatment spectrum begins with insemination and that I could discuss everything else with someone else, for example my gynecologist.
It is an absolute impudence and grossly negligent to prescribe metformin without providing information about it. I definitely wasn’t! Nobody there also told me that the liver and kidney values ​​had to be checked after 6-8 weeks.
I then changed fertility clinics and was offered further “smaller” help and support before insemination, ICSI etc.
The only positive thing there is the very nice doctor’s assistants/the organization of appointments and paperwork.
By Dr. Personally, I can only advise against Kupka, I didn’t get to know any of the other doctors there.

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 1 on Thursday, 12 October 2023
Disastrous and Unprofessional Experience with Dr. Xiao Yu Meng

We went there with hope, but we didn’t like it at all.
Dr. Xiao Yu Meng’s behavior was disastrous and unprofessional. without knowing how to answer our questions.
I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Fertility Center Altona Street
Rating 1 on Thursday, 16 November 2023
Disappointing Experience with 2021 Fertility Treatment – Not Recommended

Very bad experience with a treatment in 2021. Not recommended.

The desire to have your own child is something beautiful and should be supported by a fertility center without any ifs or buts.

In such treatment, questions and uncertainties arise. These are not welcomed in the clinic. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t work and there were many inconsistencies that don’t speak for a professional fertility clinic.



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