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Fertilab is highly recommended for its personalized and caring approach towards patients, with top-notch professionals like Dr. Ana Pérez and Dr. María Jesús Saiz. However, there are concerns regarding communication and transparency in treatment processes.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for Fertilab Barcelona

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 5 on Friday, 28 June 2024

Involved, friendly, decisive and very professional team. I have been to several clinics but I assure you that none have treated me as well as this one. Doctor Ana Pérez charming, realistic and empathetic. Everything super well explained. The staff is lovely and the nurses are super helpful with everything.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 07 May 2024

They supported us throughout the process and took care of all the management. The whole team is very friendly, they made me feel very comfortable throughout the process.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 5 on Sunday, 24 March 2024

I want to thank Doctor Priscilla and Laura, Paula, Lola for an amazing care I got at the clinic. They all made me super comfortable during my sucessful IUI insemination. They were very caring, always responsive and very informative during the whole process. Well done team and thanks for making this happen for me.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 5 on Friday, 15 March 2024

I chose the FERTILAB clinic in Barcelona after also questioning other structures. It is difficult among all these clinics to find the one that will be the most serious. From the first consultation, I felt the hope of being a mother with a proposal for a tailor-made protocol.
Today, I am the mother of a little girl Eva who is 9 months old!
This very long fight was greatly facilitated by the supervision of professional and caring caregivers. I am very grateful to the Medical Director of the center, Dr Federica MOFFA, who followed my file from the start of the journey until the transfer, but also during my pregnancy, when I had vital questions to answer. Many thanks to Cristina Hernandez, the International Medical Assistant and her colleagues who accompanied me during all stages of the protocol remotely and on site. I thank the entire clinic team for their excellent work and great professionalism.
I thank FERTILAB with all my heart for this little miracle!!

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Grateful for Fertilab team for helping our son Adrià

I am writing to show my gratitude to the Fertilab team, especially Dr. María Jesús Saiz and Nurse Mónica Coll. Thanks to them, our little son, Adrià, who is a month and a half old, is with us today. At all times they were respectful of our decisions and the treatment was very affectionate and close. Very happy with this clinic. I recommend this doctor and her patient without a doubt. Thank you

5 most negative reviews for Fertilab Barcelona

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 11 October 2023
“Horrifying experience with embryologist team at clinic – non-viable blastocyst transferred and €13,000 stolen”

embryologist team with Giulia who forgets the blastocyst in culture until hatching then she vitrifies and transfers a non-viable/dead blastocyst to you
In the meantime, they stole €13,000!!

Yes if my name is in your database so stop writing this to people’s comments when you don’t like it

You are a clinic with crooked staff…. You steal the money by committing serious mistakes

Doctors who show up here and there at webinars with arguments to the point of fooling girls/couples all with the aim of stealing money!!

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 1 on Sunday, 31 December 2023
Disappointing Experience with Clinic During My Egg Freezing Journey

Unfortunately, I did not make the best experience with the clinic during my egg freezing journey. Whenever I had an appointment, I got informed that the respective doctor is sick or not working on that day, which lead to having to deal with another doctor on each appointment at the clinic. Same applies on the day of the egg retrieval. A new doctor introduced herself a minute before they started the process. I also expressed that I was overwhelmed and did not feel well treated. I will do another round of IVF but will select another clinic in Barcelona.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 2 on Friday, 23 February 2024
Disappointed with Lack of Answers at Assisted Reproduction Clinic

I wish I could have given it 10 stars!!!
I went to this clinic with so much trust and hope, but instead it was an experience that left me embittered and perplexed.
The answers given by the clinic to justify 4 failures disappointed me deeply.
After the first failure, due to biochemistry, they said that the fertilization. assisted is also a matter of luck… it could happen, of course, especially when they tell you that biochemistry is a good sign in some respects, you accept it.
At the second failure they say :”We don’t know what happened, it didn’t take root”….
So perhaps we should have started looking for the causes of the failure to take root? Since there were 2 left. Doesn’t it feed after taking root? Does it detach? Why?
Usually we see the single case, as has happened to people I know in other contexts, we study the problem and look for the solution.
At the third failure: “We don’t know what else to do, the state of health is all normal, the conditions are there, we will talk to the medical team to understand how we can proceed and resolve why you have to leave here with the baby… ”
I don’t know what to resolve, given that there was nothing abnormal about the health factor, but that sentence ** I will speak to the medical team to understand how it can be resolved… ** had given me a shred of hope, I thought ok now they’ll see if they can manage the situation in a different way, they’ll follow me in a more meticulous way… but nothing, I repeated the same protocol (which everyone clearly does, it’s standard) and in any case I haven’t heard from any medical team about it, I haven’t had any news about it.
At the fourth and final failure they informed me that: “In assisted reproduction it is not always possible to find the reasons for the negative results.”
Apart from the 2 biochemicals that cannot be discussed or found a solution, but the other 2 failures without a valid or logical answer?
Doctors, even of a certain caliber, must know what’s right and what’s wrong.
If we rely on private clinics, we pay, we take medicines as if there were no tomorrow, injections, visits etc. etc. (those who have been there know what it means also on a psychological level, it’s not a walk in the park) it is to find a solution to all ‘infertility’ or at least a sensible answer where there are problems but above all trying to solve the problem where possible. This is why we come to you.
I didn’t have a problem or even a response.
I’ll see elsewhere if they’ll give me some answers, as it should be.
I’m sorry but based on my experience I can’t recommend it.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 2 on Tuesday, 27 February 2024
Proceed with caution when considering this organization for donation.

I can’t recommend them at all, but make your own choice… I warn you, be careful with them. I know how they work, they only care about money they could accept dodgy donors you never know what’s really going on. I really don’t trust these people with such a serious matter, they are very greedy and specially if you are not catalan.

Fertilab Barcelona
Rating 1 on Thursday, 11 April 2024

What a bad experience I have had, at first everything was very good, I made my first appointment by video call and a very kind doctor, by email the girl who treated me was also very kind, and today I went to visit the office because I wanted to ask the doctor a question. doctor since I had decided to do my Insemination in this place, the person at the reception should not even work there, just when you enter and see her, you lose your desire for everything, and she also tells me that for asking (about an exam she performed on me) They charge me 70 euros, it’s not even 70 euros, it’s the attitude that this girl has, unfortunately I won’t do my treatment here, and I hope they get people willing to work and who are empathetic.



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