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Rating 5 on Tuesday, 23 April 2024

I don’t have enough stars to thank this clinic for fulfilling the dream of parents who saw it as unattainable. After two operations to be able to undergo the treatment and a lot of emotional pain behind us, we went to this clinic recommended by some friends who also achieved their dream thanks to them.
We put our hope in these great professionals and right now, I am writing with my little girl in my arms to thank you infinitely for getting it done the first time.
A thousand thanks to Dr. Guzmán and Dr. Rufino, but especially to Dr. Guzmán, who was the one who placed my little girl and she wanted to hold on tightly to her mother.
Thank you very much really! Thank you for sowing hope and life.

Rating 5 on Thursday, 02 May 2024

I share our experience at embryocenter since it has been wonderful in all aspects, the staff has been charming, they are super nice, they have been clear at all times. I recommend it 💯 thank you very much to the entire team, we are leaving very happy, we will see you soon to present to the new member of the family😘

Rating 5 on Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Good afternoon !! Today I want to thank the entire team, especially Mercedes and Don Carlos, for the treatment, the affection, the empathy, for everything in general I can only say thank you, each person who works here is lovely and the treatment is magnificent. I am taking a family with me from here, thank you for everything and for making my dream come true. Greetings to the entire team.

Rating 5 on Friday, 19 April 2024

This clinic shines for its empathy, professional treatment and a piece of human team that makes them treat the issue at all times with all the delicacy in the world. Super friendly, attentive and very empathetic nurses… from María who helped to enter the operating room passing through Rocío, Silvia, Beatriz and an endless number of names that escape me. I am not putting this rating now that we have the little girl in the world who is already a month old… I would have put this rating much earlier (when the attempts were not ended in pregnancy).
However, my most special review is for Doctor Carlos Martínez García Otero…this man is a professional from head to toe, he has treated me from the beginning with all the love in the world, I hope there are more people like him. this sometimes hard path of fertility.
I can only advise those people who are looking for clinics…that you go for this one, recommended from the treatment to the effectiveness in fertility.
Thanks to all the team…my little María thanks you too.

Rating 5 on Monday, 11 March 2024

Very happy with the entire team, they have behaved wonderfully and have a human warmth of 10, especially Dr. Rufino Garcia for advising me and getting it completely right and at the mercy of that familiar treatment.

2 most negative reviews for Embryocenter

Rating 1 on Wednesday, 22 February 2023
My Disappointing Experience with This Product

Nothing 👎

Rating 1 on Friday, 16 February 2024
Insensitive Doctor at Fertility Clinic Upsets Patient with Lack of Empathy

I go to this clinic to check my ovarian reserve and among other things Dr. Rufino tells me: “YOU ARE FRIED, COME ON”
For me, at 38 years old, seeing my chances of getting pregnant is a sensitive topic and I am vulnerable. The last thing I want is to receive the news of my low ovarian reserve in such an unempathetic, insensitive and, above all, unprofessional way.

That phrase has hurt my sensitivity and that is why I come here to denounce it and to ask that you please give this doctor a course in empathy and how to treat people. Especially in a topic as delicate and sensitive as wanting to be a mother, no matter how old you are and even if you can receive eggs from another person.

At the moment I was shocked, I couldn’t believe the lack of sensitivity. When I went out and talked about it with my partner, we regretted not having told him at the time that he should speak more tactfully and that professionalism is also how you speak to the patient.

It also happened that the vaginal ultrasound bothered me and he told me: “but does it hurt so much? Well then the birth…” Well yes, births hurt, (which he will never know by the way) but that doesn’t mean that at that moment Specifically, it was bothering me that he was using a stick to search for my ovaries, squeezing them to find them (something he has never experienced either)
Yes, he did it correctly and it is normal that it bothers him, but he just needed a little understanding and not to say that meaningless phrase that doesn’t help at all.

He also had phrases like “at what age were you a woman” as if saying “period” or “menstruation” was taboo, when it is more professional than using that euphemism. Apart from the fact that you are not suddenly a woman because of that, since your period does not make you more or less of a woman.

He also criticized the other clinics. It seems more appropriate to show the good in oneself than to have to belittle others in order to believe oneself is better.

Anyway, several things for which I would not return even if the other tests were still free.

The only thing that is saved is the treatment of the assistants and the woman who explained the economic issue to us. To you, thank you for your professionalism!!!



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