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Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 5 on Thursday, 06 June 2024

Fantastic clinic in every way – worth travelling from Australia for!! Success in 2020 with fraternal girls twins – just what I wanted!! Now back again in 2024 for more, and now a positive pregnancy blood test!!
The whole team is so helpful and supportive – from Andri – international coordinator, the Aysha clinic cooordinator, her partner Ibrahim the driver, to the Drs, lab staff and nurses, everybody remembered my name and my story! From
Pre ordering medications for me, to assisting with accommodation, transport etc – this clinic does all that it can to help!! Well priced – and they deliver!! 5 stars!!

Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 21 February 2024

I contacted Dogus IVF clinic about fertility treatment, as I’m an older woman (age 53) and had aged out of many clinics around the world. My husband and I were seeking our last child to complete our family and chose this clinic out of the several I contacted. My coordinator, Andri Marino, was very attentive, prompt, thorough and kind in her responses to me. The treatment I received at the clinic was excellent and I was very pleased. We were successful in getting pregnant and I attribute our success to their attention to detail and thorough medical protocol. I would highly recommend this clinic!

Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 5 on Thursday, 18 January 2024

I would like to thank the doctors and all the staff at the birth clinic, they treated me very well and I had a beautiful daughter, her name is Alice, she is now 3 months old and very healthy.

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Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 1 on Sunday, 11 February 2024

We visited this clinic as part of a surrogacy with full medical success and a guaranteed comfort program. 3 failures. 15 month pregnancy contract included. Here is what happened in detail since we have difficulty finding courses like ours on the internet. You go to the clinic for the first time for sperm donation. Everything goes well, you are welcomed with open arms because that is when you pay for the clinic and full medical success. We promise you the creation of several embryos. We tell you that the sperm collected is ok. The 15 month period begins. You choose an egg donor from their database. The one you choose is not available, you choose another and it’s ok. From this moment on, everything is done to the strict minimum to waste time and save money.
He finds 1 surrogate mother who withdraws, another who also withdraws and finally another who is ok (3 months of waiting, so there are 12 months of contract remaining). They begin to stimulate her and the egg donor. They are doing the first IVF. Result: 2 embryos created out of 12 extracts. Only 1 of category A. On a contract with unlimited transfer, the strict minimum has therefore been created with only 1 transfer possible. The first failure follows. We ask for the reports, we receive vulgarly handwritten reports. We are told that the sperm did not survive freezing and that fresh sperm is needed for the next IVF. That we will have to move again. Being a laboratory technician and perfectly familiar with the process of freezing living cells, I realize at this stage that there has been a problem. At their expense, you choose an egg donor again and the surrogate mother withdraws (2 months of waiting again) plus her stimulation (15 days). We ask you to come back in December. At this point you reach the 15 month contract including pregnancy. We meet the surrogate mother, we donate sperm again. We are told that we will make up to 3 new transfer attempts. Result: 2 type A embryos created (still the bare minimum) 2 type B. Failure of the 2 transfers. Program completed, you have lost more than 20,000 euros, as well as the return trips for a total of 2 IVF and 3 type A embryos created. We then explain to you that it is necessary to do a spermogram and carry out additional analyzes (why then tell us at the start of the program that the sperm is ok? Didn’t we do a spermogram at that time?). I immediately performed a spermogram in France at the hospital where I work. Number and mobility of spermatozoa ok.
We then offer you a cheaper guaranteed or refunded program, we ask for the contract and between the lines we see that the contract is limited to 2 IVF over a period of 2 years (program 20,000 euros more expensive). To conclude, this program is far too expensive for the number of quality IVFs and embryos created. The basic analyzes (spermogram) were not done at the beginning, the freezing and thawing of the sperm was poorly done, and the creation of embryos was kept to a minimum. Basic handwritten report. It is questionable whether the embryos were properly frozen and transferred. In reality this clinic is average and messy which certainly reduces your chances of success. And the contracts signed with full success that you think you are protecting yourself are in reality made so that full success protects itself from the average quality of the clinic and that is up to you. Today, to be in contact with another program elsewhere and when I see all the genetic analyzes and spermogram requested even before the start, I realize the amateurism here.

Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 1 on Sunday, 07 January 2024

Few days before transfer Your coordinator will just go to holliday and leave You completely allone.
Nobody will answer Your calls… Will day answer e-mail I will see tomorrow.
Watch out of Andri Marino – cold, unsensitive, unprofessional in every possible way…

Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Stay away from this clinic!

I paid more than 10 thousand for each treatment but I got the following experience.

we have been to Dogus Clinic twice we are a young couple:
We are healthy, we have other children but because of gender desire.

Unfortunately, both times they developed ONLY 1 embyro out of 11 egg cells and 10 egg cells.

According to our 2-time experience, no matter how many egg cells woman and man, Dogus developed for couples 1-2 Embyros with most of them it doesn’t work the first time!

2nd time you have to repeat the whole treatment again!

Benefits of better work from a good clinic:

Developing more emybro saves the whole treatment cost and stress.
if you have more embyros you have more security with the 2nd time you don’t need to buy medication again and all the stress.

My recommendation is for you to look for a clinic that is honest and modern and NOT always developing 1-2 Emybro.
The coordinator does not give you an answer if you pay the money until you are stressed after the egg retrieval.
On the last day, right after the transfer, you will get the message that ONLY 1 Embyro has been developed.

I have informed myself a lot and go to a different clinic for the 3rd time.

Wish you all the Best

Dogus IVF Fertility Clinic
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 07 May 2024

I highly recommend you guys stay away from this place because they don’t give you right information



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