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Cambridge IVF
Rating 5 on Wednesday, 14 February 2024
Successful IVF Treatment at Cambridge NHS with Exceptional Care and Communication

Had private fertility testing, and then a round of IVF on the NHS at Cambridge following our infertility diagnosis. First round was successful. Amazing that they include services like embryo glue and the embryo scope where others try to profit from this also. Great level of communication and care from first to last appointment, such kind staff would highly recommend.

Cambridge IVF
Rating 5 on Sunday, 08 January 2023
Five Star Service with Phenomenal Communication and Compassionate Team

We couldn’t have wished for more. Communication was phenomenal. Every member of the team was compassionate and very clear. All our questions and queries were answered really quickly. Five star service.

Empathetic, compassionate, courteous and patient centered. Thank you!

Cambridge IVF
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 24 January 2023
Incredible clinic fulfills our dreams of parenthood

Absolutely brilliant clinic. Could not fault their professionalism and care. The team were very personable and sensitive. We have had a couple of attempts and finally succeeded. Made our dreams come true so for that we are eternally grateful.

5 most negative reviews for Cambridge IVF

Cambridge IVF
Rating 1 on Thursday, 02 February 2023
I had a terrible experience at this unprofessional clinic

Just the worst, most unprofessional clinic

Cambridge IVF
Rating 1 on Monday, 13 February 2023
“Nightmare Experience: One Year Wasted in Frustrating Clinic Delays”

From the first I lost three months waiting just because the doctor called me 2 minutes before the clinic closed, 40 minutes late and hung up when I answered. I sat in my hands with the phone an hour before the appointed time and was very afraid to miss the call. no one called me back. I started calling the clinic, but as you might have guessed, the clinic was already closed.
The next available consultation was two months later. We were able to call the coordinator and ask to make an appointment with another doctor in the near future. We were very lucky and got an appointment less than a month later.
Employees don’t understand the process at all. I was redirected 4 times to different phone numbers so that I could sign up for a repeated consultation with the doctor. In the end, the 4th person who answered the phone said she couldn’t help me and she didn’t know why I was transferred to her, “because she’s just a secretary”.
After my tests were ready, clinic contacted me only after 1.5 months. I saw my test results in the application was ready, but no one contacted me. Reseption couldn’t tell me over the phone what to do next. It took me several days to find a doctor who could explain everything to me.
Doctors and nurses are competent enough, but everything is incredibly delayed.
I am writing now, and it pains me terribly to realize that I have lost a whole year of precious time.
The amount of emotional damage done is unbelievable.

Cambridge IVF
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 26 April 2023
Inconsistent and Frustrating Experience with Consultants, Poor Communication and Admin Errors Delivered Unnecessary Stress – Not Recommended

Different infornation given by different consultants depending on who you get. Basic administrative tasks were incorrect multiple times- causing me unnecessary stress and upset so many times from sending the wrong patient infornation, not having my notes in front of them at consultations, feeling like a number and not a patient, hard to get any counselling even though included in the cost, communication is really poor – but great when they want the money from you. So disappointed and personally would not recommend. The whole process is hugely emotional, upsetting, difficukt and made worse by basic admin errors and consultants either being insensitive or not having the knowledge I’d expect about my circumstances (procedures, tests taken). There isn’t the care or compassion there really either sadly. Wrote a formal complaint and the response was insensitive and upsetting.

Cambridge IVF
Rating 1 on Thursday, 20 April 2023
Terrible communication and weight issue leads to cancellation of IVF round

If I could of given no stars I would. From the beginning the communication was terrible, no one got back to us and we had to chase up to get appointments. We had an appointment and started meds, we was one week in taking meds and the nurse decided to weigh me mid cycle which I’ve never heard of considering we have done 3 rounds with another clinic,to be sent away told me I was too overweight to continue having used 1k of meds we have to pay for that and round has been cancelled
I was weighed 6 months previous height check and weight correct. My weight was correct at home when I started treatment but the medication does make me fluctuate, I was 2 pound over the weight. Egg collection I would of been the right weight. My height varied on both weigh ins which I questioned! We have written a complaint which they have 30 working days to reply and we have no reply, nothing, not even a phone call to see if we are OK. Tells you everything so now we are taking this further. ivf is a very hard journey, very emotional rollercoaster which gets harder and harder everytime.lost faith 💔
We now have meds in our fridge and on the side and they hold all of our 11k of money

Cambridge IVF
Rating 1 on Thursday, 29 June 2023
Doctor consistently cancels appointments, frustrating patient after 4 months of waiting.

Receptionists and nurses are great but not the doctor, she kept cancelling and rescheduled our appointment again and again and does not accept talking through phones nor in-person when their website doesn’t let us login probably, I still haven’t seen the doctor after 4 months of waiting..



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