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British IVF Hospital
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 26 March 2024

All honor to this clinic! It is serious and has understood how attract the market and how to treat the patients in a respectful way! Other clinics on Cyprus should absolutely watch and learn how to behave from British IVF Hospital!
Here they make it simple and unproblematic for the patient. You get a total price for the treatment in a easy way and you don’t have to worry about all these often never ending ”additional costs” like at other clinics and where the final sum can be as high as the sky! I have been in contact with most clinics on Cyprus and I would NOT recommend anyone except from this clinic!

They have humane prices! This clinic is much cheaper than many others. You get direct contact with the doctor and her personal telephone number, if you have any questions, she will answer immediately. Even in the weekends! The doctor seems knowledgeable, very committed for you to succed with your treatment and helpful. The clinic seems fresh and with the latest technology.
I have never felt that people at this clinic are nice to me, just because they wants to get my money and as much as they can. And most of the clinics on Cyprus are to much into just putting their money-counting-machine on the table in front of you when you come. I wanted to bring my own sperms from one of the spermbanks and the clinic didn’t charge me for this either (the others clinics do!).
Fantastic! I can guarantee that this clinic will receive many patients because of their non greedy approach!

Me who is writing this comes from Sweden and I have felt very insecure about doing treatments on Cyprus since I have been affraid of being cheated financially. It has happened to me before! But here and for the first time on Cyprus I feel safe!

British IVF Hospital
Rating 5 on Saturday, 09 December 2023

British Hospital is one of the best hospitals for any type of fertility treatment. The hospital team consists of highly qualified and experienced doctors and paramedical staff, who are fluent in different languages ​​along with their work. Especially Dr. Elyem and her coordinator Leyla were very helpful and professional. They are available on WhatsApp to explain the entire procedure from phone consultation to end of treatment, guidance and counseling whenever we need. we are highly recommended British Hospital for everyone who want to get any kind of Fertility treatment.

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British IVF Hospital
Rating 1 on Thursday, 04 April 2024

First I would like to complain about the coordinators Leyla, the communication is a disaster. Dr. Eylem doesn’t speak English particularly well either. I felt cheated and also treated very coldly and superficially.

I come from Luxembourg and can only give everyone one tip. If you also want to have children, then find out more here
Dunya IVF in Kyrenia. I was treated there and am now pregnant



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