Boston IVF: The Brookline Center

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Boston IVF: The Brookline Center
Rating 5 on Thursday, 01 June 2023

Thanks to the kind and supportive team at Boston IVF Providence and Waltham, I was able to bring home my rainbow baby after 5 long years of trying. From the moment I met Dr. Bayer, he was willing to listen to my concerns, and was the first doctor to show empathy towards my situation. He even went as far as taking my case to the board to get more opinions. Although I was reluctant to use donor eggs, he assured me it would raise my chances of bringing home and earth side baby. I’m so glad that I listened, because I am now staring at my 3mo. Every nurse, phlebotomist, and ultrasound tech cared about my progress, and I’m so grateful I switched to this clinic. If you are thinking about the next steps in conceiving, look no further. Dr. Bayer has since retired but the other physicians are excellent at providing individualized care. Thank you all so much for helping me become a mother of this miracle!

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Boston IVF: The Brookline Center
Rating 1 on Thursday, 22 February 2024

I have recently been diagnosed with Breast cancer and was trying to figure out the next steps with possibly freezing my eggs. I called and left a message and then heard back once from someone that said they would call me the next day and then never heard from them again. She was very rushed and rude on the phone. Which clearly means they are busy and as a fellow healthcare worker I understand that. But during a hard time in someone’s life you shouldn’t be made to feel like that. I will not go here nor recommend anyone to go here.

Boston IVF: The Brookline Center
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 12 December 2023

DO NOT GO HERE. The staff is completely rude, and not genuine, especially during this tough time for any couple experiencing infertility issues! When we told Boston IVF we were leaving, they did not care, as they treat you as a number not a human. The billing department is not ethical and told us they can’t work with our insurance because they are ” too picky.” They don’t keep good track of records, and the place is VERY disorganized. This is at the Brookline/ Chestnut hill location.

Boston IVF: The Brookline Center
Rating 2 on Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Go anywhere but here. Complete lack of compassion and they treat you like a number. I understand they see unfavorable outcomes more often than not but the level of negativity is astonishing, just because my hcg levels were on the lower end (within normal range and doubling like they should) i was told it could go either way and they ordered a methotrexate panel just in case. They caused an abundance of unwarrented anxiety throughout my entire pregnancy. I have a perfectly healthy 3 month old.



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