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Top fertility clinic with some room for improvement

This fertility clinic has received mostly positive reviews from customers, praising the experienced doctors and friendly staff. However, some have mentioned long wait times and expensive treatment costs as areas for improvement.

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Latest 5 positive reviews for abc ivf

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 04 June 2024

The best experience ever I had a baby girl in march 2023. Highley recommend this place price is affordable and staff and doctors and so kind and helpful. I searched alot and I was very worried then I found this place and my mingld was at peace. If your thinking of treatme t go for it. I had a beautiful baby girl from.1st round of ivf it was quick smooth and worth every pen y. Thank-you and ivf for giving me my lil mircle

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Monday, 13 May 2024

I am very grateful to everyone at ABC for their hard work and support throughout our journey, I am expecting my first baby conceived through ICSI IVF at St Paul’s clinic.
Thanks a million!

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Monday, 13 May 2024

Having IVF is a rollercoaster. The price with abcIVF was attractive and we worried that would mean a poorer service but was not our experience. Yes you see the doctor fewer times and many appointments are nurse led but the communication was good and the care was delivered well. I would recommend the London clinic.

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Friday, 10 May 2024

We had left hope and then we went to ABC. We are ever so grateful to everyone at ABC who supported us throughout our journey. We started our fertility journey with ABC in December 2021 and it was our first attempt at ABC. We now happily hold our bundle of joy our beautiful son in our arms. Everything was so perfect and well organised. Thank you ABC IVF and the entire team

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Friday, 10 May 2024

Staff were polite and emphatic throughout. We were guided through each step and this helped us to feel at ease in the most difficult and anxious time in our lives. We now have a gorgeous baby and we’re glad we choose abc ivf to help us through our journey.

5 most negative reviews for abc ivf

abc ivf
Rating 1 on Friday, 31 March 2023
“Review: Scam Clinic Misdiagnosed Egg Freezing Capabilities, Tried to Take Money”

I went for a consultation, I had a scan and they told me I don’t have enough eggs for egg freeze they should scan you 11/12 day of your cycle not the week before your period they also did me a blood test and told me my levels are too low but they are actually normal for my age, they then passed my details onto create which is there other clinic they make out they can’t help you and then switch you to their other clinic, they made me extremely worried for no reason other then to try and take my money, please don’t waste your time or money ladies this place is a scam and should not be trading

abc ivf
Rating 3 on Monday, 01 May 2023
“Challenging communication and scheduling issues, but grateful for successful IVF journey and birth of baby girl”

On the 19th of March myself and my partner gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. This after 5 years of trying and month after month of awful disappointment. I will be forever grateful for the
successful result and the birth of my daughter, thank you ABC for Enola-Rose.
However, despite this joy our journey was at times really quite disappointing and concerning. As with many reviews, communication was very difficult at times, often leaving multiple voicemails or emails with no reply. This really came to a head when my partner had to take her final trigger shot 12 hours before egg collection. They had promised a call with when and what dosage to take, no call came. After investing so much financially and emotionally, it was a Saturday evening, no call, no message despite us constantly calling them. Finally after calling their emergency number we managed to find somebody clearly working remotely at home, and after some protracted conversations she promised to ring back with an answer. A doctor rang, and asked If we had been contacted yet. We had not. The lab then called and confirmed a time. This was 2 hours before the trigger shot and we ended up taking the injection at 1.30 am.
Just to add some context, my partner had been scanned on a Monday and was told egg collection would be on Friday. On Wednesday she was told they wanted to do another scan and collection would be on Sunday. On the Friday she was told that that she only had 6 follicles and that we should prepare for a low volume of eggs. The following day when we went in for egg collection, we were the last couple in the building and it felt a little like we had been squeezed in. On collection they managed to harvest 22 eggs. I would speculate that after the chaos of the day before that the dosage was not quite what it should have been, and perhaps the extended egg collection date also contributed. My partner really felt like she had been over stimulated, which ultimately led to her being at risk from OHSS. For this reason the clinic refused to do a fresh transfer and insisted we do frozen transfer. This would add a substantial amount to the overall cost resulting in an extra £2000. A read of some other reviews and over stimulation seemed to be a common thread, we complained and to ABC’s credit they agreed in the end to waive the cost and include.
Additionally we originally requested to do egg sharing, partly to keep costs down but also my partner really liked the idea of helping out another couple. We were told we were not viable due to follicles but lo and behold she actually managed to produce 22 eggs so that also does not sit well with me.
The receptionist also was a little curt and I never really felt very welcome arriving. The team downstairs were always lovely and we always felt well cared for.
Difficult review to write as ultimately we got exactly what we paid for – the chance to be parents to a beautiful baby girl. Factually we would not be looking at her right now if not for ABC. So I will always be grateful, but felt the right thing to do was to share some of the challenges.
Best of luck to all you future parents out there – keep the faith!

abc ivf
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 07 June 2023
I Am Very Disappointed

very disappointed

abc ivf
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 25 July 2023
Disgusting service and unprofessional behavior at clinic, waiting 6 days for refund.

Unfortunately the service I recieved was disgusting, I would recommend no one to go to this clinic. I am waiting for a refund and have to wait until Monday which is 6 days which is so bad. Very unprofessional business.

abc ivf
Rating 1 on Tuesday, 22 August 2023
My Disappointing Experience with abc ivf: Unhelpful and Stressful

I would never recommend abc ivf.They only care taking the money but when we had some questions never helped. Hard to get in touch with them. My experience was so stressful and very, very disappointing !



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