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abc ivf
Rating 5 on Friday, 10 May 2024

Had amazing experience with abc with the best out come . They was always at the end of the phone when we needed them . Spoke us through everything before the first ivf . And a very good price . Thank you for everything you done for us !

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Saturday, 04 May 2024

I always do a proper research before selecting anything and i was very lucky to start my treatment in ABC IVF Wimbledon clinic where we met Ms. Tanya and Dr. Rustum.

We were very thankful to god that our entire journey gone very smoothly with their experience and positive behaviour.

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Tuesday, 16 April 2024

It was lovely and the staff are very professional, compassionate and empathetic.

abc ivf
Rating 5 on Saturday, 03 February 2024

I have being a patience of ABC clinic and I had a wonderful experience, special with Tanya who is an amazing person, supportive, kind and helpful with good advices, very professional, very friendly, my treatment didn’t work at the first attempt but Tanya gave me the support I need and good advices. Where I follow and thankful I’m pregnant and couldn’t be more happy then this 😀I feel like I earn a good friend thru this process. And of course all the staff was very kind and professional. But I have to say a big thank you to Tanya and Katherine who was the ones I feel more comfortable with. I really recommend this clinic and if you get a chance to have Tanya has your nurse coordinator you won’t regret it. You will be more than satisfied and happy with her.
Once again thank you for this amazing experience. ☺️☺️


abc ivf
Rating 5 on Thursday, 14 December 2023

This place probably needs a few more stars than 5. A lovely welcoming team of staff. I find it difficult to summarise in words how grateful I am to the team here who created our family. They are very special people who go above and beyond to make you feel at ease with the processes involved.
My particular thanks to Tanya and Dr Panagiota for supporting our journey. If you can get past the centralised admin team who are far less personable you will find a marvellous clinic of staff willing to go above and beyond to help.

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abc ivf
Rating 1 on Wednesday, 07 February 2024

Nightmare experience with ABC’s hellish clinic at Wimbledon. They misinformed us, messed us around and gave us all sorts of conflicting information about our cycle. We continued with the cycle based on the bogus 30-40% chance of a live birth they gave us but it failed spectacularly at the first hurdle. Didn’t get one viable embryo from our cycle. I made a complaint about our treatment and was sent an evasive and dismissive response from someone called Dr Rostom. Our nightmare experience at ABC Wimbledon broke our relationship and caused us both significant mental health problems. Will be reporting them to HFEA.

To give you a flavour of how incompetent this clinic is:

– they mixed up our papers with someone else’s and started reading from a perfect strangers sperm analysis in one of our consultations
– they wrongly diagnosed my partner with ‘azoospermia’ which he didn’t have
– I was given the wrong stimulation medications by their St Paul’s clinic, which meant I needed to make 2 trips to the clinic in one day; a total of 6-hours travelling for me
– they gave us a 30-40% chance of a successful pregnancy, but then told us the complete lack of viable embryos from our first cycle was ‘to be expected’ given my partner’s sperm parameters
– when I made a complaint I got sent an evasive and dismissive response that shirked any sort of accountability whatsoever

I’m really disgusted by the lack of professional integrity & general competence demonstrated by ABC throughout our cycle.

Will add to this that when I went in for my egg collection at Wimbledon the toilets outside the theatre stank like they hadn’t been cleaned in weeks and none of the nurses knew if I should wear plastic foot coverings in the theatre or not.

Avoid avoid avoid.



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